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Yes please!


How do we find out if they will add this stock? Do they confirm on the thread. Really want to get in on the current price.

Come on freetrade please add this. Really want to get into this asap.

I really recommend adding this stock, I think it will be extremely popular

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Freetrade is too slow. As a plus member i feel like this is a missed opportunity as the price has risen from when I first posted for this to be added until to today when the price has increased dramatically

What a joke I could of made a lot of money of this. Freetrade you need to step up adding tickers.

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Yes likewise, I wish I’d transferred funds out of Freetrade last week now

Coulda woulda shoulda. You sound like the fisherman who’s fish was this big.

In 20 days you’ve gained 3 votes and provided no tangible information about this company or why FT should expedite the listing


And yet you didn’t even vote for it :man_facepalming:

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First time thread asking for a ticker. Just found the vote button now. This ticker is going full throttle. Si is 75% with a tiny float. Some real money to be made here. It was at $9 20 days ago when I opened the thread. It’s at over $20 today.

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It may well be the best stock in the world for all I know but the reaction you posted above should be acknowledged against the community reaction, right or wrong, and then think are FT at fault? Of course not.

They have nearly 3/4 million customers and tens of thousands of people on the forums and in 20 days only 4 people voted for this and the author didn’t. This to me is not a joke as you say and FT have added tonnes of tickers in recent times. :+1:

Besides I am unsure how much FT have to do with the options they can offer as they go through other companies I believe so need them be able to offer the ticker. :+1:

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Freetrade are a broker. Their limitations are their problem not mine. They need to get quicker at adding requested tickers.

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When only 0.0000057% of their custom demand a ticker and you insult the company I don’t see it helping to speed it up. Fair play on the find and the results are great in the last 20 days but a quick look does reveal it could be a bad bet longer term with merger etc. Maybe FT don’t want a complicated potential issue arising from that.

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Where did I insult the company. I was make a statement of frustration.

Not every investment is for a long term hold. Investing is about making money not longevity.

Erm …


The ethos behind what the Freetrade team are building is about investing and not swing trading, it’s about wealth creation for the long term. Sure the platform can be used to ride a few waves, I’ve done that but small cap / penny stocks is not their focus. Likewise they’re not likely to offer straight up crypto, leverage, CFD’s or any other more exotic financial instrument.


You could have opened an account with a broker that offers this stock instead of blaming your shortcomings on Freetrade. I guess you just weren’t willing to pay to buy this stock. The entitlement is unreal here. :man_facepalming:


Im a plus member with an ISA with freetrade why should I use another broker. Surely freetrade should try and be more interactive with their customers.

You don’t seem to understand Freetrade are very interactive with their customers and massively so compared others but expecting a company with 3/4 million customers to react to 4 people voting on something seems insane!!!

Nothing wrong with airing complaints etc as they are not perfect but expecting a solution to so few requests isn’t exactly an expected result.