96 hours (and counting) no response

Admittedly I’ve not been a long time user of this broker but I’ve some experience and this customer service has been absolutely appalling.

96+ hours from time of deposit, 5 messages, 2 emails and even and attempt to reach out via social media have got me no closer to finding out if they have even received it.

High volume or not I would have expected to receive an update by now.

For anyone browsing the forums trying to get a scope on this broker, I would implore you to consider the above before deciding anything. I certainly wish I had.

Hi, sorry to hear your troubles. Many people are experiencing this and nobody, users or the FT team themselves will be happy about it. FT had 10% of their entire userbase sign up in one day on Friday and the growth is enormous. I don’t think anyone has a reasonable answer for how you could possibly onboard 50k+ users (Up from ~400k in a couple of days) and not struggle. This, combined with the crazy movement in the market and other factors make it impossible to contain to the standards everybody would like.

Adam posted on Twitter to say that they have added 25 new temps to help combat the issue, and they have people from every department of the company manning the support desk to help. I’ve been a user for a number of years now and can vouch for the quality of customer support here, and I would recommend seeing it through and giving it time to improve.


It was nearer 100k in two days that signed up. Freetrade started January at 310k users and ended it over 510k. Most of that growth happened last week.

Its frustrating ZPul and hopefully the 25 new temps that Luno mentions will help the team get to you ASAP. Hope it gets sorted for you soon.


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