Well Done to FT

After I long absence I felt I needed to login to the forum and give credit where it is due here.

I have raised criticism against FT in the past and was even accused of being a shill, which wasn’t great. But, after I was unable to make certain popular purchases on a rival platform, I decided to log into my old GIA on FT. Apart from some understandable delays, no problems at all.

Needless to say, my attention is back here now. I look forward to reading more on what Freetrade plus has to offer. Thank you


Changing your opinion on the internet? Is that allowed? :joy: Welcome back!


Welcome home


Welcome back.

Remember most brokers are struggling even the most expensive. So as I mentioned earlier you are on M25 in rush hour. Some lanes aren’t moving at all and others are.

Yesterday FT was in a moving lane while other companies weren’t going at all.

That difference could cost thousands.

FT isn’t perfect, but it has a good balance of being low cost, responsible and ethical. Its got better and better and continues to listen and develop.


Welcome back. I think people who haven’t had exposure to other platforms lately really do forget what effect this last week has had on even legacy brokers let alone new larger ones.

I’m sure the freetrade team really appreciate your comments :wink:


Brokers struggling I can understand, the problem is some interests choosing sides in a free market. The situation I mean specifically is certain brokers blocking purchases but not sales on certain stocks. Imo if there is an issue then block both or neither. So I can appreciate that FT showed integrity here.


This aged well! :joy:


Bump. :joy::joy:

Yep, this has aged like milk :joy:.

I’ll be fair though, I’ve read FT’s message and it looks like it’s not their fault and they disagree with a decision that is out of their control. A lot of small brokers are having their hands tied by providers and such.

The rot runs deep, its sickening.


Agreed, basically someone high up in the US just told our FX partner to turn off the tap “or else”.

FT victims here as much as anyone.


I had exactly the same experience today. All good here. Thanks FT. :+1: