Thank You Freetrade Team

We know it’s been a bloody tough few days for you guys so just wanted pass some love your way. You guys are absolutely immense. We are super proud of you. :facepunch:t3:

:beers: to you


Same! You’ve brilliantly dealt with Friday. What a Friday…

In the morning I loved your interview @Viktor on Freetrade’s focus on good financial outcomes for their customers.

In the afternoon, we saw how quickly dealt with the unfortunate situation from a CS standpoint, and @adam’s post on twitter explaining the situation.

You quickly also decided to remediate the situation by offering a refund for the Plus fees. The speed at which you took that decision mattered a lot.

And now @Ian and his team are working hard throughout the weekend to find a solution to the limitation imposed by the FX provider.

I’m really proud of you.


Thank you Freetrade team: you do a great job! :+1:


Sharing this with the team as it means a lot. Thank you for your patient and understanding!


As per :freetrade: tradition I think a Zoom call explaining what happened (post-mortem, remediations, next steps) + AMA is required => better transparency + renew customer engagement.

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Great work by everyone at freetrade so far. Can’t even imagine how busy things are behind the scenes. In very difficult lock down times too.


Hats off to you and the team!

I think you handled it all in a professional but transparent manner.

Keep up the amazing work :freetrade:


Thank you so much team! Can’t imagine the position you’ve been put in over the last few weeks.

I can still remember being on the waiting list with the big balloon, being shocked by the state of the brokerage scene in the U.K. Freetrade completely changed that - and now we’re with you all the way!

Well done team!


I’ve told them I want to refuse my refund so they can buy something for themselves. I think they probably deserve it.


Yes I completely echo the comments here, in one of the craziest trading weeks you guys have absolutely shone. Yesterday was the peak, pride in the morning watching the @Viktor interview on Sky to despair when I read the tweet at 2.29 yesterday and the instant vitriol that followed.

There are some great quotes about adversity, I think the below is my favourite;

“It is your reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself, that determines how your life’s story will develop.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Your reaction was the polar opposite of competitors & the vast majority of new signups will understand this was forced upon you by Barclays. Positively, this has also been widely reported in the national press, spreading the Freetrade name & adding fuel to the fire against the old guard.

A transformational week with over 100k new signups, keep up the awesome work guys!


Yes, sometimes it’s better to cock up and manage the aftermath well, than not to cock up at all.


Completely agree with this. I would not have mind paying the Jan fees anyway because I do want the company to succeed long-term. Thank you.


Indeed. Brewdog is a perfect example of this. Multiple times! :rofl::rofl:

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Really impressed by how the team handled the issue - transparency and openness from the top has such a massive impact on the rest of the organisation and cannot be understated. It’s a cliche but it really does set the tone for how the business operates.

Everything is a conspiracy to some people today, it’s exhausting to keep up. Well done FreeTrade. Now if you could just make the markets go green again next week please that would be the icing on the cake :rofl:


Thank you Freetrade team, your dedication is admirable as always.

I would recommend @adam and @Viktor doing an AMA when they get a chance, would be good to get all the new joiners to hear him talking about Freetrade and what happened in the past few days.

Just a suggestion, i know you guys are swamped - i just think it would be beneficial in trying to convert those sign ups to long term investors


Big thanks to the Freetrade team are due after reading the latest update on Twitter.

I just want to cement what most the community are saying and thank you for the work and effort the team have all put in over the weekend. How you’ve handled this situation and your continuous transparency with comms has affirmed that I’ll be a customer for life.


Just to add the actual link of the update @Jonny mentioned:


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