Open letter to new users and FT staff


I just wanted to express a welcome to all the new users who signed up in last few days. It is fantastic to have you here and I can’t wait to see contributions from new people with investing ideas and stock wisdom. Collective wisdom almost always exceeds that of even an expert. The more we read and share the better we are.

As Viktor mentioned on Sky investing and education go hand in hand. We don’t do wild gambles and toxic products here. We can learn so much as a community with sensible investing and as a community be ambassadors for a brand that can change lives.

It is this community spirit which has been so encouraging. The regular posters, the founding investors and the many people spreading the word as ambassadors on social media.

We have all had a tough few days. Digital anarchists have romped through our forum, the app playstores and on social media leaving a trail of destruction. Freetrade Staff have been abused, the company name mocked and a horrible amount of negativity pedalled by a minority who have decided to target all institutions.

To those who engaged in such wanton psychological destruction and corporate vandalism I hope you take a step back and remember that we and you and Freetrade are all in this together. I hope in time you will at least regret if not apologise.

I imagine there were tears this weekend as Freetrade staff particularly those on customer support had to face an immoral barrage of targeted abuse. The face of the company and always so helpful were digitally spat on. I hope you know we all appreciate you and perhaps as you fear Monday I want you to know you have thousands of loyal long term users who are holding you in our thoughts.

To the technicians who worked long hours, maybe all through the night and as the clock ticks to Monday 2.30 and are feeling the pressure. You are changing the lives of ordinary people. Every piece in an engine is valuable and needed.

We are creating history. Freedom to invest and liberty and power to support financial change.

Thank you all and I look forward to seeing you all around.



Here here Ben. Welcome to all genuine forum members, even those that have been caught up in the maelstrom lately and are feeling high tensions from all of the histeria being whipped up, in time, a “do your on research” approach helps everyone and garners incredible conversations that can be both opposing in views by members but both correct too.

Everyone’s own investing goals are different, everyone’s investing time lines are different, but you’ll come to realise, the more you take note of how freetrade responds and handles these situations, that all staff from top to bottom at freetrade will always have the private investors interests at heart.

To everyone at freetrade right now, hats off to you all. Hope you all have as good a weekend as you can and I’m sure you will sort this whole episode out for everyone’s benefit and that of the long term future of the company.


In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine.
Ben Graham

Right now there is a lot of noise and opinions thrown around.

Fact of the matter is :freetrade: are sticking to their values and that will pay out in the long run :clap:.


Couldn’t of said it better myself.

I think the Freetrade team have done a fantastic job given the situation and time after time they show why I trust them as my only broker.

I understand why so many people felt betrayed yesterday however the onslaught of abuse and conspiracies to Freetrade staff and community members was uncalled for.

As Ben mentioned this platform is to educate and inform and honestly that’s probably it’s my favourite place on the internet. So I welcome all those who are keen to invest and learn and become part of Freetrade’s journey. Don’t let these short term hiccups detract from your long term goals.


I agree with opinion posted by Ben here. FT staff has worked incredibly well during this time of explosive growth in user number and keeping the lights on by onbiarding them as fast as they can.

New users should take this fact into account that it is not geared up to grow at the speed of Robinhood given smaller UK market and even Robinhood in initial days had seen a lot of bumpy road as they started growing and bring disruption in transitional operations.

Expecting HL level of service for a start up proving free trading is not right. It will eventually get there once they build up experience, infrastructure and operational resilience, capability as support experience.

Patience is the key. Expecting a Rollsroyce service for price of Vauxhall is too much to ask for. Nowhere in the industry I observe this level of callousness and abuse send out. This does not bode well with principles of investment and more tilts to speculative investment which brings both anxiety and impatience out in open.

FT support has been excellent so far. They are sticking to principles of foundation of providing access to equity market at affordable price to masses without offering anything remotely classed as gambling like other competitors do to boost revenues. I agree with company offering refund to those impacted as goodwill measure even at stage where they are still not making margins unlike traditional brokers.

Keep it up. Great going.


Thank you all so much for the kind words.

It’s been quite a few days, and we’re working to learn from what happened and do better in future.

We look forward to continuing our journey with you.



I agree.

Id say hi to all the new people as well. And being I love legal documents (apparently…) while its boring I think new customers (and existing ones) will find a lot of questions answered in both the terms and conditions and the execution policy. They’re worth a read and do give a better understanding of both how your assets are managed and how orders are executed. Should hopefully give you confidence in how Freetrade operate.

For those who are new and new to investing theres a bunch on resources made by freetrade that may be of interest

Getting started guides Freetrade Invest Hub

Financial dictionary Investment dictionary - Glossary of trading and financial terms | Freetrade

Honey newsletter Honey by Freetrade

Stock list Stocks to invest in - 6,000+ US, UK and European stocks to buy

and spreadsheet version of the stock list Freetrade Investment Universe - Google Sheets

Each stock has a discussion page on the forum


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Freetrade’s mission is essentially all about the same things as the WSB or GameStop movement.

Leveling the playing field for the masses.

Not every new-joiner knows this — the app has been crowdfunded from the beginning. There is no hedge fund behind it.

The Freetrade’s team has been doing an awesome job. 1000 Mercis as the French say.


I couldn’t agree more with the OP.

I’m so glad that I chose FT to be my first point of entry into buying and selling shares.


I don’t post much but I definitely agree with the sentiment from OP. Having been with Freetrade since R3 and as an early user, FT have come leaps and bounds since the first time I downloaded the app.

Whilst it’s disheartening to see some of the harsh reactions from some users, hopefully in due course they will see what FT has built. It might be a cliche, but patience is definitely a virtue whether investing in the stock market or responding to these events.


The events of last week were unique for FT and other Stockbrokers. Some brokers performed better than others, but I believe FT were open and honest in their communications.

It was clear from the customer information that individual companies put out (or didn’t), those companies which tried to do the best for there customers. When you have a company that is trying to provide updates and commentary for all, to see a number of members post rude and offensive messages is upsetting. It serves no purpose and ultimately doesn’t help resolve their problem any quicker.

For us all to succeed, we are dependent on FT succeeding and I suggest we must all play our part in assisting the FT team in achieving this. If someone posts a question on the community and you can answer it, then please do in a polite and constructive manner.

Customer Support is a challenging enough job at the best of times, so please let us support them and the wider FT team now and in the future were we can.

Well done Freetrade! Keep up the good work and remember…



I just want to say, as a new member of FT, but a well seasoned internet user, I’m so glad I went with FreeTrade. I saw it recommended on twitter and was really impressed with the clarity of the set up and the interface. Of course, then everything went to hell in a hand basket and I didn’t actually get to play - but that’s more time to learn, right? So I ended up on your community forum here, and I am once again pleased to see I’m definitely in the right place. The level of transparency, integrity and willingness to do the right thing for its users first and foremost, well you just don’t see a lot of that anymore, do you? Frankly, tho, you had me at ‘Fuck the Hedgefunds’…


Welcome essers, great to have you on the forum. Happy investing :wink:


Greetings Ben, thanks for a most wonderful post I fully appreciate and support all that FT are doing to rectify this situation.


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2 hours to go till 2.30pm. Please be nice everyone!

All the best FT staff.

We are right behind you. :+1:


To be honest I’m not remotely interested in GameStop can’t understand all the hype

Really well put Ben - couldn’t agree more! :sunglasses:

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Agree! I just registered on the forum but been with Freetrade for over a year and it’s great to see a community spirit here


As a new user I’d just like to say hello!

I’ve been thinking about investing for over a year now.
The whole buzz got me thinking why not?
So I took a dive and chose Freetrade.

Working in the retail sector all my life I know how to manage my cash flow and get the best out of my business.

But there is a fine line between how much I can afford to loose and win.

I’ve only started throwing some peanuts let’s see where I can go from there.