Let's be real here

I’d just like to thank all of the Freetrade team for what they’re doing for all of us. I’ve seen some posts recently where people are not happy for whatever reason. This is new guys, there’s bound to be hiccups, let’s just help it grow and be supportive. Every new venture takes time to mature. Onwards and upwards I say :blush:


We appreciate your kind words, @Kerry! :pray:


Well said Kerry, there will be hickups along the way, Freetrade has a fantastic team and week by week they’re making great strides.


In all honesty I think its mint you could not dollar cost average with hargreaves it would cost you a fortune

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You could with regular investments they cost £1.50 for shares, etfs and trusts, free for funds.

Well said! @Kerry :+1:

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That’s how I used to use HL, set up a regular payment plan. it was way cheaper than buying shares adhoc. I used to regularly tweak the plan to include stuff I wanted to buy the following month

Still not as cheap as free though :slight_smile:

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