Thank you Freetrade this is a life changing amount of money

Freetrade this has been the craziest couple days of my life but I just want to say thank you and thank everyone on this community that has made this possible, there is no other community like the FT one. There are many other trading apps around but this is the one I trust the most and the one I think, in the long run, will change the game, you don’t push that CFD rubbish like other apps and you are open and transparent about the way you operate. The plans you currently have are incredible and you are going from strength to strength.

To anyone else reading this, use a broker you can trust, based in the UK and one that doesn’t charge you a fortune…you know who you are and Freetrade is coming for you.

I wish I was able to invest in YOU but I missed the boat, if there is anyone willing to sell their shares then please get in contact, I have a feeling Freetrade is going to be one of the biggest brokerage firms in the UK and Europe soon and I want to be apart of it.

P.S. not here to gloat but hopefully able to inspire some people to take control of their financial future on Freetrade


How have you managed that? Assume GME?

PS congrats!


Is this in an isa?


Congratulations, I hope you’ve cashed out or top sliced to secure some of your gains. I also hope they’re in the isa :wink:


Its in a GIA account taxman going to love you :rofl:


Just withdraw slowly over the next 10-15 years can get 20k out by April

Edit: in any case, congrats - you smashed it

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Insane! Congrats :slight_smile:

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well done. good on you

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Man I don’t think saving that £3pm for the ISA was worth it


I’m guessing it’s ARB not GME

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Well done! Assuming it’s a volatile meme stock(s) like ARB quite a dilemma:
a) take all the cash now with associated CGT hit
b) leave a chunk in and risk a share price collapse

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  1. GTFO
  2. Pay the tax
  3. Buy that e-tron

*not advice.


Obviously there are ways to avoid or defer CGT: How to defer Capital Gains Tax or avoid it altogether - Wealth and Tax Management . Of course, this is just for informational purposes, I’m no financial expert.

Anyway, you’re still quids in, congrats.


I think @Capitalallocator is our own DFV :moneybag::moneybag:


Time to go all in on GME @Capitalallocator


Congratulations :clap::clap:

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Dont forget to pay your tax. You should have def gone for the isa mate. Sad times/good times

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Congrats :clap: :grinning: great gains
I don’t want to sound repetitive but You really should have invested in the ISA,

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Congrats! :partying_face:

I realise you were showing your appreciation for Freetrade rather than asking for advice, however this advice will be priceless if you absorb it:

Good luck! :sunglasses:


It would be good to see the original balance invested. Given that you can only invest 20k per year into an isa this could reduce gains if your highly speculative and a risk taker banking on one stock such as Telsa and putting more than 20k in.