Call for interviewees!

Update with an added question below!

Hi all :wave:

If you haven’t seen me on here before, I’m the communications lead at Freetrade. I’m laser focused on making Freetrade famous, building out a great brand and reputation among the leading personal finance and tech journalists in the UK and abroad.

I’m posting with a request for a little bit of help.

I’ve been speaking with a few journalists who are really interested in hearing more from people who are using Freetrade. In particular, they’ve mentioned that they’re really interested in hearing from people who are:

  • Starting exploring investing with a family member/partner for the first time (maybe the markets became a new favourite pastime during lockdown?)
  • Investing to fund a deposit for their first home/save for school fees/retire early
  • If you’ve got some high-conviction views on how to position your portfolio for further lockdowns
  • If you’ve switched to Freetrade from another high-priced platform
  • If your TWRR is on :fire: (i.e. over 100% … definitely putting mine to shame :frowning:)
  • If you’ve lost money so far this year: have you changed your strategy? Has this experience negatively impacted your goals? What lessons have you learned?

Feel free to send me a direct message if you’re happy to discuss investing strategy. Typically journalists will want to include personal details like a name, location, and sometimes a photograph too.

If you’re open to speaking with the press, but would rather not have some details disclosed, I’ll work with the journalist to ensure that these boundaries are respected.

Best wishes,


I don’t think I come in to any of those categories unfortunately. Perhaps send an app message out directing people to this thread so they interact with it on the forum?

Good idea, though I don’t want to bother people too much in app!

I’ve had some really great responses in DMs from some community members in any case. Just pinned today to flag the additional category I’m trying to track down.


I’m interested :grimacing:


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