New to investing? We need your quotes for a news story!

Hey Freetraders :wave:

Are there any users who are new to investing and can share a few sentences about their investment journey with Freetrade? A journalist is looking to incorporate these quotes/comments for a piece she’s writing about Freetrade.

If you’re interested in participating, please comment below :slightly_smiling_face:


Happy to help!

"Before I found Freetrade I thought only people in the movies and bankers really used the stock market. When I was yonger I used to spend hours looking over websites fully of complicated information and never really grasped it.

Since signing up to Freetrade 6months ago, I have learned more than I ever thought I would do and although I still have some ways to go, I really feel like I have a handle on the stock market"


I love the app. Growing up I’ve alway been keen to enter the world of stocks & shares however I’ve always been priced out because of fees & not having enough start up capital.

Thanks to Freetrade, I’m now a proud owner in some of the companies I hold dearest (looking mainly at Spotify & Greggs).

Long live Freetrade :freetrade:


Thanks, Nick! I’ll share this with the reporter and let you know if she has any follow up questions :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, Jonny! Glad to hear that Freetrade has enabled you to invest in the brands and companies that are dear to you :grinning:


Hi Steph,

I did start a mini blog on here (in need of an update!)

But my first post says a lot about how I got into thinking about investing in the last couple years, my motivations and the part that freetrade played. happy for any of it to be used!

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If not too late:

I used another share dealer that would charge £5.95 per transaction, so that is £11.90 to buy and sell. Unless you are buying £100’s worth or the share price rockets up, it was not financially viable for me to use them. Then Freetrade came long. £1 for an instant buy or free at 4pm. Now i am confident that i will be able to sell shares for a profit.


A few lines from myself if you wish to use it?

I’m not entirely new to investing, but what Freetrade offers is the opportunity for investors to invest in some of the biggest companies across the world & the fees are lower than other platforms. With quick customer service, you are put at ease and the overall resources available to us is amazing. I’d recommend Freetrade to anyone regardless of if your a beginner or not.


Hey Jeff :wave:

This is fantastic, thanks for sharing!


Hey Mark! Glad to hear you’re able to save on transactions fees with Freetrade :grinning:

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This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Mohammad :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry if I’m late to the party.
I’ve been on Freetrade’s waitlist since August 2017. Recieved the invite for the Beta testing on April fools 2019 and started straight away. With Freetrade I can invest my small savings without having to worry about trading fees. With my other provider I have to pay £11.95 per trade plus custody fees. I can only save for investing £50 to £100 per month. £11.95 it’s a huge shark size bite on my investment pie. And for that reason I try to place orders with them when I have at least £1000 available. By using Freetrade I can make those costs disappear like if it were magic. With Freetrade I can invest at no cost at all if I want to. But I want Freetrade to keep its doors open, hence I choose to place some instant £1 orders with them. And I can do this every month instead of having to wait a year to place an order.

I’m really glad Freetrade came about. I’m glad I found them. I grew up believing that to make money in the stock market a person would have to be a mathematical genius and practice very intensive active trading. Because of that I stayed away from stocks, out of fear of hurting myself. Every time someone would mention anything related with stocks I would freeze and wait for the topic to go away. I was convinced stocks were just too much for me.

In the summer of 2015 I asked myself why did I believe in that?!

Started to watch videos about investing in the stock market.

January 2016 started to read books about investing in the stock market. My previous beliefs vanished. Reading was also an humbling experience. They vanished because I’m now aware I can thrive on the stock market provided I follow some rules in a very disciplined fashion. An humbling experience for it became evident to me that indexing is the best I can aim for in my present circumstances. I still see me as a newbie in all things investing. It’s very hard for me to become a successful seasoned stock picker by reading books on my own only.

August 2017 joined Freetrade’s waitlist.

April 2019 start my Freetrade’s investing path with 3 ETFs, all focusing on dividends: S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats, EURO STOXX Div 30 and UK Dividend. I like dividends. I also like growth. Now I’m only waiting for the ability to buy fractional shares to tackle growth. Now it’s just buy and hold, let it do the work, never sell, and hopefully I’ll have something to both support my retirement and to pass on to my children who are yet to be conceived


Do we know where we can see our quotes?

Hey Mohammad! Unfortunately, the Sun reporter only used Jonny’s material for the article here. As more press opportunities arise, I’ll make sure to reach back out to you :grinning:


Not a problem, thank you. :+1:

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