The Investment Newbie

(Jeff puckering) #1

Profile - the investment newbie
Age- soon to hit 30
Family - 2 full time income generators, 1 baby, 1 furry baby (dog don’t worry I’m not a yeti)
Reason for investing - saving a pot for sons uni/first house and a desire to retire at 55
Investment strategy - currently it is ‘don’t invest too much until I have one’

I want my future blog posts to talk about my investing decisions and rational but I think it’s fitting for my first entry to be about the last 9-12 months when I first started looking into how I might make my money work harder.

On the 23rd of November 2017 I became a dad! And in the run up to this, one of the many things I thought about (along with how the hell am I going to look after another human being) was certainty of my financial position whilst I am responsible for this little human and also saving for his future.

After looking into a few stocks and shares ISA’s I quickly realised that the small amount I was able to invest resulted me being priced out with fees so stopped thinking about it for a while. During one of the many long nights on baby feeding duty I started looking at other ways of investing and came across robinhood and then quite quickly freetrade.

I was very lucky in that I found freetrade before the third round of crowdfunding, and the thought of investing accelerated my need to educate myself because if I was going to invest in freetrade as a company, it would only happen if it was a product I wanted to use.

So, completely new to the investing world I set about understanding it. The Martin Lewis website is my first port of call for most things financial and believe it’s one of the most easy to understand websites, it helped give me a base level of understanding. I then delved into investopedia and ultimately found myself as a lurker on this forum. That introduced me to podcasts like ‘invest like the best’ and pointed me to the morningstar website, yahoo app and other things to investigate specific stocks allowing me to figure out a bit more about what it takes to track and research them.

I think the turning point for me was learning about ETFs, as my big blocker was how to start from zero with small deposits and diversify my portfolio. Once I found I could instantly do this with an ETF I realised how easy investing should be.

So I bit the bullet and invested a small amount of money (but significant to me) into freetrade and awaited the release of the app.

During this time I started looking into methods of diversification, some simple and some overly complex investment strategies but generally talked to people and got much more comfortable asking my simple questions on this forum.

As very lucky super early tester and proud freetrade user #67 I will make my next blog about my thought process once I got a hold of the app and how I picked my first handful of stocks and shares. But for now I hope some of the other complete novices to investing can take something from my journey and add things you have done so that more people can go through the process I have but quicker!

(Harry) #2

This will be an interesting one to follow, Jeff!