New member: Can anyone recommend an educational youtube clip on freetrade

I have just started with freetrade and trying to find out what all the sections and figures on the app display mean.
Eg on the Portfolio section there are two figures top left hand side, one in black and one in green. I think I understand the figures but not how the ratio works can anyone help…

Any reading or video material would be good …


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Hi Clive, and welcome to the forum :wave:

We pulled together some Freetraders on YouTube into this YouTube playlist.

We also compiled this ‘ultimate list’ of blogs, emails, podcasts, books and more, which should be enough to keep anyone occupied during a lot more lockdown time!

You may also like to check out our Introductory Wiki:

This is not investing advice. Always do your own research.


Thanks Sam
I think I was looking for a definitive FT manual going through each section explaining exactly what the figures mean, how they are worked out and can we use them etc. irrespective can I ask a couple of questions …
1.can you transfer from your standard trade account to an ISA if so how.
2. when you have purchased shares from the same company , but purchased the stock at different stock price, at difeerent times and you want to sell a 1/3 of the shares how does FT divide the stock to sell, is it always best return stock" first ?


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Can’t help with the first question. But can help with the second one.

It doesn’t really matter what sock you stock you sell. Let’s say you bought three shares from Facebook, at three different times and stock prices:

  1. 1$
  2. 2$
  3. 3$

You spent a total of 6$. Now let’s say Facebook’s price jumped to 4$, so you want to sell two of those stocks, but want to keep one. You made a total of 2$ profit with this transaction, plus have an outstanding 4$ worth stock, which selling at the current price will translate into another 1$ profit.

If I were you, I would calculate the average price per share, and would compare that to the current price. So then you know you always sell on a higher price.

Freetrade’s app calculate this and displays it for you

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Yep, ur right! Sorry, forgot that :slight_smile:

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I can answer the first question…
The normal and ISA accounts are separate. If you are holding shares in the normal account and want to ‘transfer’ them to the ISA account, you have to sell them all from the normal account and then buy them back again in the ISA account.

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Thanks guys appreciate it …

I have a basic trader account I want to keep this, but also open and run a ISA account is that possible if so can anyone advice ?..

Absolutely, possible. I can’t remember how I did it, it’s best to ask the peeps on the help chat.

Hi Gary

Okay thanks for that … still trying to work out how to use that community forum…

So when you say “ask the peeps on the help chat” how do I do that ? is the help chat on the community blog or the app … I must confess I get messages come up on my phone app I read it then I cant find it again? I have one for rights issue on Aston Martin but cant find it now… curve of discovery

The shares are sold down in the order purchased (it does matter as it affects you performance in the app) but as said below it does not matter in terms of actual money earns etc.


When you are on your first screen where you see your portfolio, you see a human icon on the top right. Click it and then you will have function, something like “chat with us” or similar. You should be able to find your Astin Martin message there.

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