Best website / app for more company info

Hello to all my fellow free traders! First post on the forum and I’m a total newbie to investing, decided to take the plunge after watching some very convincing YouTubers who talked about investing and here I am! I am loving freetrade so far and the simplicity is helping to get my feet on the ground but as I learn more, one thing everyone says is that the FT app doesn’t give you in depth company information aside from the basic summary at the bottom of each company page and to use other websites or programmes to get a better history of the stocks/company, background of their finances etc

I was just wondering if any of you folks could give me a heads up with where you may do your background research?


Hi @Mmrk87 welcome to the community :ocean:

This is a great place to start.

Also might I ask when you signed up?

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Hi Neil,

Thank you very much! I will take a look and I signed up last week!


Great stuff! We hopefully you find This place a useful resource.

Feel free to scan / read over this thread as it might be useful and somewhere to ask any questions you might have. We’re a (mostly) friendly bunch!


Should have asked for user number lol

It was last week! You can’t land every fish you catch!

Lol, let me in on the secret, do you get a free share for asking new members when they started?

No free share, but Freetrade investors do get a free release of dopamine.


We’re all addicts! @Mmrk87

Freetrade are planning a crowdfunding round for (roughly) when they pass 1,000,000 users. This is when we find out the new company valuation and some people (absolutely not me) start dreaming of a yacht!

Hahaha thank you for explaining folks, loving the sense of humour on this forum. I came for the wisdom and knowledge but i think I’m going to be staying for the laughter (but of course I’m sure I’ll still get the wisdom and knowledge too!)

Well we are definitely close to the million mark, so would that crowd funding mean it is open to everyone to potentially become a privateshareholder? Or is it just for those lucky few who got in early when the company was developing?


It should be open to everyone.

If you want a shot you’re best placed to register with crowdcube first and have everything lined up.

They’ll close the round when they hit the maximum target so you might need to be staring at the crowdcube app all day!

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Great to have you here!

If it’s anything like before, the crowdfunding raise should be open to all. Existing investors might get a heads-up by email, but it’ll likely open at the same time for everybody.

Previously, Freetrade has raised on Crowdcube, so it generally recommended to have your account set up and ready to go in advance as the EIS-eligible shares tend to go pretty quickly.

Good luck!

Edit: @NeilB, clearly not as fast on the ol’ broadband-connected typewriter as you :joy:

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Lol thank you for explaining, I think I’ll have to just sit back and observe this time around as I think I’m getting my head around all of it, but it’s a great milestone for FT! If any of you get that yatch please drop an invite here as I’ll be joining you on it :rofl: