I'm totally new, looking for general advice


I’m very excited to have discovered this app.

Any advice is welcome. I have just popped £5 on to start with. To have a play.

I did try searching for British vineyards but I couldn’t get any search results, does anyone know if any small businesses selling shares?



Hi @VickiDee welcome to the forum :wave:t2:

Starting small is a very good idea so firstly we’ll done for not jumping in to fast. Freetrade have put together some material to read through to help you pick what you would like to invest in Here.

Before you start too much the best thing you need t work out is what your goals are and how long you want to invest for.

Next you need to decide how much risk you’re comfortable with, smaller and early stage companies are often riskier than bigger established ones (very broadly).

When did you sign up? Have you got your free share yet?

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Thank you, I just signed up on the app and don’t know anything about a free share!

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Oh! If you got referee you for a free share but it’s not a big deal.

Are you happy to share your user sign up number? It’s only useful for some of us who crowdfunded Freetrade. Click on your profile in the top right and it looks a bit like this

Another thing which you’ve alluded to but I didn’t mention is a good way into investing is to buy stock in companies you know, use and like. This help you learn the ropes while being at least familiar with what a company does.

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I would just recommended just investing in ETF - Nice & Simple

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Thank you, I’ll look into that

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Thank you :ok_hand:t2:

You can also search this thread for beginner questions and don’t be afraid to ask if you get confused. We’re a (broadly) friendly bunch.

I would be cautious about sharing your complete number, for reasons of security/privacy/fraud. You can re-share it but blurring the final two digits (there’s an option to blur in the upload process, I understand).

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Hi @shirokazan the user number has no baring on security for accessing the app.

When i started i kept it simple bought IUKD …been a fave since, tracks dividend stock, pays 1/4ly dividend and 0% purchase tax. I personally tend to play around in the AIM market something like BUR or AVCT seem to give a nice rollercoaster ride for newbies… going up then down and hopefully back up. Again no “tax” to lessen your purchasing power… all money goes on shares!!. My inital biggest mistake was not realising there was a buy/sell price and a gap in-between where most of my initial money fell into.

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