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Hi I’ve been a member of freetrade since February and I initially bought stock in AMC it was only around May June time that I realised what was going on, I’ve got some money that Id like to invest but don’t want to put anymore into amc can anyone point me in the right direction as to what I should be looking at buying I’ve been thinking about apple/cciv/nio and something that can help me get some quick profit any help or advice would be greatly appreciated I have been looking around to see where to put it but haven’t got anything set in stone yet


Check here for lots of basic guides on investing: Learn about investing with Freetrade’s guides

Sadly, there’s no guarantee that any investment or stock will turn a quick profit and no one here is a financial adviser so no investment advice can be given.


To quote Prof Galloway “ I know how to make you you rich, the problem is that’s it’s slow “

These meme stocks have been fun but they really are incredibly events that’s happened due to a very specific set of circumstances. Make no mistake, they’re gambling and not investing.


Some top tips for investing!!!


thanks for the awesome information.


1: It’s your money and nobody else really cares about it.
2: Your investment style should reflect your goals. Maybe you want to try for a big gamble little and often or go for ‘safe’ stocks and reap some dividends.
3: If it’s a stock pushed by anyone be extra careful (see Rule 1)
4: Invest what you are willing to lose. Again, this will be directed by your style. All in or brick by brick, you decide.
5: Be patient, Don’t Panic.
6: Choose your time to invest wisely. Don’t limit yourself to waiting for specific occurrences.
7: Keep a record of past failures, past wins, and what it is that connects/distances them. This will help develop your investment style over time.
8: Don’t follow any hard and fast rules set by someone else, this person could have lost their house, twice.


For advice on how to do your own due diligence, please see this excellent and informative post:

which I’ve previously posted here:

I would stay away from Call/Puts and the Greeks for now though

Unless its a scammer trying to get money out of you.

See Rule 3