I’m new just want some advice I’ve read online and advice how to trade but want more from actual people

So I’m new to all of this I just want more up to date advice from people actually investing not saying that what I’ve read isn’t people investing but I just want to know what to look out for on here.

As well as what to do or not to do on here, as I’m unemployed due to the virus and also young but I like challenges and that’s why I wanted to try this.

Holy fuck this sound like a story :joy:.


Here are some resources to get you started.


Hi Syzmon, welcome!

As above I’d suggest you do lots of reading in the forum. I’ve read so much on here that has been interesting/ useless / right/ wrong/ funny/ stupid. But through it all I’ve learnt lots.

Sorry to hear you are currently unemployed. You should approach investing as a long term project (so it’s great to get started young!) and accept you will have highs and lows but with a sensible approach hopefully more of the former, but that does mean being comfortable with “locking away” funds for a while.
I obviously don’t know your personal situation, but that may mean not investing at all, or just going in small, for the time being and waiting until the job market improves. Good luck!


You’ll probably know this already but since you are currently unemployed, perhaps ensure that you will not be investing money which you might need in the short term to pay bills etc. Good luck! :slight_smile: