New to trading what is worth investing in

what is worth investing in right now im new to this like to make a little money any advice?

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Good post linked above. And as it hints at a key thing is what your goal is? Why are you wanting to invest and what are you looking to achieve? These can help direct how you should invest

as i said just want to make a little money

No one is going to tell you what to invest in, it’s up to you to do your own research. Check the link posted above it’s a good read and should give you a nice starting point.

Also - how much money is a little money, and what money do you have to invest?

E.g if you want to make a quick £50, but you only have £50 to invest, then you need to find a stock you believe will increase by 100% (please let us know which stock this is, if that’s the case!!)


Ah I should clarify a bit then.

We all want to make money, but it depends on why. The reason I ask is because the stock market can be pretty rough. If your out to try and make some money for something you want to buy in 12 months you could easily see yourself in a situation with half the money your started with.

The goals are important as they will help inform how and where you might consider investing.

E.g investing for retirement in 40 years? You’re likely going to be happy with much more volatile and potentially riskier stocks as the long term view may have great upsides while the short term view might be very volatile.

People might be able to point you in a direction of some reading that fits the kind of reasons your looking to invest.

Hope that makes sense


Look to the future, what is likely to grow. Online shopping, Green Energy, Electric Cars, Health Care, Bio Medicines, AI.


Thanks barbellion

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Hi @Totalguy,

I would suggest you start by picking an industry that interests you (pharmaceutical, retail, manufacturing, food etc).

Then you need to decide what your investment goals are. Do you want to pick innovative companies that can deliver high, near-term returns but present higher risks? Or do you want to focus on traditional stalwarts that deliver a lower return yet are less exposed to volatility?

Then do a bit of research on the trends currently shaping the industry you’ve picked and which companies are performing well. The bigger the name doesn’t always mean the better.

Also, play around with keywords and phrases (eg ‘burger’ or ‘fast food’) in FT’s search bar.


short term i think

Investing might not be for you then. It’s not impossible to make short-term gains but you’re more likely to make gains over the long-term.


It is possible to make money short-term, even a lot of money. But it relies massively on 3 things: risk, speculation, and luck.

Of course those 3 things apply to investing in general, but the more short-term you look the higher those factors are e.g. day trading and CFDs are very short term & very high risk, but if you make some really lucky guesses you can win big.

Is it sensible? Definitely not for most of us here, but it does depend on your appetite for risk and how much you can afford to lose. It’s also a lot more difficult and requires more work.

That aside, Totalguy no one can tell you exactly which stocks to invest in, but it might be worth a good idea to start with thinking about what kind of investor you want to be. For the sake of this simple example, do you want to be a growth or a dividend investor?

Second think to think about is how much involvement you want in your share choices e.g. Do you want to be really hands off? Look at ETFs. Want to be a bit more involved? Consider researching individual companies.

There’s a wealth of information to help you get started. I’d also personally recommend Infant Investor’s YouTube channel as a great starting point (I can’t remember his name on these forums).


A couple of ideas here:

Here’s the sectors I’m looking at in 2021 :+1:


Nice. I’d add Fintech - Commission free brokers & crypto brokers will get hot pre/post-Robinhood & Coinbase IPO

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