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Intros to investing from Freetrade

The one reason a lot of people don’t invest

So why doesn’t everyone invest? What are the different ways that you can invest e.g. savings accounts or financial advisors? How much of a difference do fees make to your returns? And what’s the potential if you invest without fees?

Inflation risk: the high price of doing nothing with your cash

What happens if you just leave your money in a bank account that’s paying less interest than the inflation rate?

Welcome to asset class

A high level summary of each type of asset that you can invest in.

What even is a stock?

If you want to invest in a company then you’ll usually buy their stocks. So what do a company’s stocks actually represent? When do they get created? And if you really want to nerd out - a history of stocks.

What’s an ETF?

If you want to invest in a group of stocks, commodities or other types of assets quickly & easily (perhaps you want to diversify your investments), then you might want to consider buying ETFs so what are they?

Bond knowledge

Sometimes governments & companies borrow money from investors & pay them interest in return. They do this by selling bonds to investors. Here’s the team’s explanation of what bonds are, how they’re valued, how they’re traded & everything else you’d need to know as a potential investor - all in one place!

Dividend and conquer

When a company makes a profit they may give the owners of their stocks some of that profit in cash - these payments are called dividends. If you’d like a more detailed explanation than that, this is the blog for you.

What’s a stock index?

You’ve probably heard of the FTSE or the Dow but what are they?

When you're ready to invest

The stocks & ETFs that will be available for Freetrade users to invest in are listed in their Stock Universe spreadsheet.

The app started rolling out to a small number of users for testing on the 18th September. You can see the rollout plan here.

The totally not complicated investment tax post

How can you avoid paying tax when you invest? (legally of course)

Do your own research

So how should you pick which companies to invest in?

How much should I invest?

And then, how much should you invest in those companies?

Diversifying your investments

When you invest, choosing a range of stocks & other assets to invest in can help decrease your risk, we explain how here.

The psychology of investing

What are the natural instincts you should resist when you invest, to avoid making mistakes?

The votes are in: Stocks you’d buy and hold for five years

Now that you’ve done your own research, check out the companies that the rest of the community would invest in.

Want to learn more?

Check out our collection of posts the Intermediate Wiki covering more advanced topics including; how to value a stock, creating a portfolio, reinvesting dividends & more.

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Bonds Holding Bonds
Important: Investor groups and flairs
Ask your beginners questions here 🐣
Ask your beginners questions here 🐣