Intermediate wiki 🐥

If you’ve been investing for a while or you’ve finished reading the Introductory Wiki these posts are a deeper dive into world of investing :face_with_monocle:


Investment principles from Freetrade

Investing Philosophies 101 or how (not) to value a stock

The team compares the methods that two of the world’s top investors use to choose their stocks.

Four companies with sky-high share prices and why they’re so expensive

Why do some companies keep their share prices so expensive? By the way - you can still invest in some of these companies using fractional shares).

CFDs are NOT stocks. CFD trading is NOT stock trading.

CFDs that’re offered by eToro, Trading 212, etc. aren’t stocks so what are they? And what are the risks if you trade them?

Margin accounts — what are they, and why we won’t be offering them

Some apps / platforms offer margin accounts which enable you to trade using leverage, this blog post explains why we won’t have that functionality.

Technical details

How do Freetrade orders execute?

How do we process your orders & make sure that you get best price we can get quickly for your order size, with a high likelihood of completing the order successfully?

What’s an ETF? Deep Dive

If you’ve read the introduction to ETFs & want more technical details then this is the blog for you.

Lights, cameras, corporate actions!

How does Freetrade handle events like two companies merging, stock splits & companies paying dividends?

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