[Request] Global X NASDAQ 100 Covered Call ETF (QYLD)

Any chance of getting QYLD before we have to switch to eToro ?

Hi @ppl65 - I do not believe you can but this ETF in the UK as it not compliant with the reporting required of ETF’s. Might be wrong but it effects all US ETF’s

Looks like EToro found a way around it; How to Buy QYLD in the UK and Europe - and Should You? - YouTube

They have but they’ve had to do financial gymnastics to achieve it.

Create an CFD for an ETF that uses options. Then waive the fees and distribute the monthly dividend.

Freetrade don’t do CFD’s so this will be unlikely to come to the platform imo.

Thanks for that. it’s a pity, would’ve been great for a dividend portfolio.

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