QQQ - Nasdaq 100 Tracker

It would be great to be able to buy Fractional Shares in QQQ the Nasdaq 100 tracker.

That way your Customers including me, could buy the Nasdaq 100 tracker QQQ priced in USD fractionally, rather than having to buy EQQQ in GBP which at the time of typing is £297 per share.

That’s not an attractive buy having to put £297 in just to buy one share. On eToro I can buy QQQ for as little as $10.

I don’t think QQQ is UK/EU compliant so cannot be offered. EQQQ is an UK/EU compliant version.

I’m pretty sure that can only get QQQ on etoro as a CFD instrument.


Thanks for the reply.

Then we should have the option of Fractional EQQQ since it’s tracking a US indice. It would make building an average position price far easier.

£297 per share isn’t ideal.

It’s in the roadmap but behind autopilot, crypto and web interface.


I’ve not gone any inside knowledge but guessing that the EU roll out has required a pretty heavy engineering workload that won’t need to be done for every country. it is hopefully getting more attention now than was.

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