US single stock tracker in £

Hi Freetrade team… there are some single stock trackers listed on LSE in £ in fractions of £5 each… for Apple, Amazon, Nio, etc… when can we get these onboard ?

Why not just buy the actual stock as fractional?

I just use the £s that I bought for and look at the estimate sale value.

Are you sure? Have you got any proof as this is news to me.

Looks like it’s these

It says leverage shares but that’s the company name, this is 1-1

$ shares are all fractional buys on FT … £ Shares are whole.

Yes exactly. Forgive me if I’m misunderstanding here, but I think the op is saying something about us stocks trading on the LSE. Iother than as a CDI that’s not possible, also I think fractional shares got a mention.

I might have got confused here but that’s how I read it.

They are ETPs Here’s a list

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