[Request] 1x Baidu LSE (BIDU)

Hello I wanted to request another Asian giant

ISIN is XS2337097518
Ticker is BIDU

Hi Raj

Both Baidu and Nio from your other thread are already listed on the app to buy shares.

What you are requesting seem to be CFD instruments which Freetrade does not support.

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I have shared the tickers and ISIN’s … they are listed as ETFs on LSE

So why exactly do you want these ETPs instead of buying the ADRs that Freetrade already offers? Besides willigness to pay higher fees apparently :smiley:

Because I can get it in fractions and can add to my ISA … I cant with a fraction of an ADR… further I don’t want to have to deal with paperwork for dividend or w8 forms and I can buy and sell in £ …

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Also its just easier to see everything i own in £ … and as I am freelance also I need to think about SIPP which means I have to go for UK listed… these can be longer term and trading …