[Request] ARKG Genomic Revolution ETF

I would like to see below & available on UK-ISA please: I am splitting these per stock ?ETF as per the guidelines
1)EU market shares : Could not locate few key ones I looked for VW, Siemens so assumed EU is missing
2)BAIDU (not available in ISA…but general account)
3)ARK arsenal ARK
ARK Innovation ETF
Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF
Next Generation Internet ETF
Genomic Revolution ETF
Fintech Innovation ETF
Space Exploration & Innovation ETF
4)VanEck Digital Transformation ETF DAPP

Could you please use the search? I’d guess all of these have been requested before.
Not sure about Baidu, but there are HMRC rules what can be held in an isa and what not. Might be an issue here.
Edit: I checked and apparently Baidu ADR cannot be held in an ISA.

there are 4 such mentions I note from 2018 (i think) till Nov 2020
There are some responses saying no KIID so not listed, someone seems to see US funds dont produce a KIID
But someone else has mentioned IG have these listed; so apparently there seems to be a disconnect

IG have CFD versions of ARK which is a bit sneaky, you’re on margin. It’s EU/UK rules so FT’s hands sre tied.

Regardless of what in this list has or hasn’t been added or previously mentioned, :freetrade: staff want only one instrument in a given request thread.

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Hi Alam,

Please send requests for individual stock and ETF in each thread, this makes it easier to track and deal with every request :slight_smile:

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