Ark ETFs all of them [Duplicate. Marked for closing]

We are missing out on ARK ETFs big time!

Have you done a search? there are multiple threads explaining the reason. They don’t have a KIID which is a regulatory requirement.

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Apologies, and thank you for clarifying. Such a shame tho.

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Yes please

Just buy the underlying components (* if you want, maybe you do, maybe you don’t)

View ARK portfolios here (*if you like, clicking is entirely optional)

*Not financial advice
(but have worked in the industry for over 20 years and know a bit about MiFID, UCITs and PRIIPs regulation. Also managed a few stockbroker back-offices. But absolute not a financial advisor)


I already know that! Your message doesn’t help. There’s a reason why I and many others prefer etf over stocks.

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Hes just trying to help. You need to adjust your attitude pal


If you already knew that, then you already knew that the ETF’s aren’t available in the UK, right?


Not sure if I understand your question, or the point you are trying to make- genuinely don’t get it. Incase of any help, I suggest you read the chat string from the very start, perhaps you may get some clarity. I asked for the ETF and I had a response saying we can’t have the ETFin UK due to regulatory issue. My concern is if Finki qualified enough to give people like myself financial advise and tell me to buy the shares… Happy holidays my friend.

Nothing you read on the internet is qualified financial advice. @finki has offered a means to replicate the ETF yourself and whether you use it is your own decision. If you do replicate it yourself then you avoid the ETF management fees but it means more work, especially when rebalancing later.

The other alternative is to find a compliant ETF which has similar holdings to the one you want. If you follow finki’s link and click on any of the company names, it will show you which ETFs hold that company. You might find an ETF which is close enough for your tastes.


I understand it all just fine grumpy pants. Happy new year xx

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Could not agree more!!