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Is there any other way you can access it ?
Another platform or something like vanguard?

At the moment UK regulation requires ETFs to meet certain requirements to be available to retail investors (you and me). As I understand they need to be UCITS compliant.

If you wanted access to these you’d need to meet the requirements to be a professional investor (or wording to that effect). Off the top of my head there’s a few things to meet, one is working in the investment industry, or having significant investments and making significant trades (I believe it’s something like half a million in investments).

Meeting those there are some UK platforms which will allow you to trade those US ETFs.

Alternatively we could see if the UK relaxes regulation in this area, but I’m not sure they will.

(I may be slightly off on numbers or wording but that’s the jist of it as I understand)

Another alternative is to look for a similar European domiciled ETF

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Wow thanks for the response. I’m new to investing that was a great help. Thank you
I guess that counts me out at the moment with my very modiste investing capabilities!
Thank you