Apologies if requested elsewhere - I haven’t seen it yet.

But I can’t find any 5 G ETFs available to trade in.

Eg could we have the following please.

  • Vanguard Communication Services ETF ([VOX]
  • iShares U.S. Telecommunications ETF ([IYZ]
  • iShares Global Comm Services ETF ([IXP]
  • First Trust Indxx NextG ETF ([NXTG]
  • Defiance Next Gen Connectivity ETF ([FIVG]
  • VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF ([SMH]
  • Global X Internet of Things ETF ([SNSR]
  • Pacer Benchmark Data & Infrastructure Real Estate SCTR ETF ([SRVR]

Many thanks


Hi @BobM

Stock request should be done for an individual stock so if you pick 1 or 2 you really like you can request them on their own.

Fire up some information as to why you like them and get people excited. The more votes the more likely they’ll get added.


Also, most of them look like they are US etfs which can’t be added.


check this 5g ETF out. Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity UCITS ETF - DIGI/PIGI

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Is this one on yet? Been looking for it.

I am looking for a 5G ETF specifically

Esoterica NextG Economy ETF (WUGI)

You’re not able to buy US ETF’s in the UK & EU as they’re not complaint with reporting rules

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Oh ok
Thank you Neil

I am guessing platforms other than Freetrade provide US ETFs ??

No, not inside UK and EU - as Neil already said.
Some few allow you to qualify as advanced/accredited investor though and so go around the legalities.

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Thank you SebReitz

I will try to find UK/EU equivalents for the thematic ETFs I am interested in

It to do with MiFFID disclosure regulations. The IS self investing market is much more developed than the UK/EU so a lot of the the managers don’t see the benefit of the work to access the smaller market. Shame really.

check out HANetf.com they have the biggest thematic range in Europe and work with a lot of US providers to bring their ETFs in UCITS form. they have cloud, ecommerce, space, cannabis, 5g digital, software, healthcare megatrends, gold mining esg, cleaner living and much more

yeah its GBP ticker is PIGI