Recommendation for UCITS ETFs?

There are useful sites like that allow you to search for multiple stocks and show you matching ETFs. However none of the sites I have found allow me to filter on whether they are a UCITS ETF, and therefore able to buy through Freetrade. Does anyone have any recommendations if being able to search for specific symbols and only return UCITS ETFs?

One way might be to search on and filter to “ETF listing: London”. NB not every ucits etf will be available on Freetrade.

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Does listing location affect the ROI? please educate me.

It is usually recommended to start with an ETF tracking a global index. Simple and (relatively) safe for beginners and a winning choice if you invest long term (10+ years).

I agree with Luke’s recommendation to spend some time on one of the many EFT screener/educational sites (my favourite is JustETF), and possibly also take a look at Ramin Nakisa’s PensionCraft channel on youTube.

I personally like cheap all world index funds, like FWRG, FTWG and PRIW. But many other approaches are possible and I’m not a financial advisor. Good luck :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t necessarily impact the ROI but my understanding from here is that an ETF must be London listed and UCITS compliant for Freetrade to be able to include it.

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Yeah that gets me some of the way there. And yes good point although I understand that if it’s UCITS regulated and London based then it could be added if requested

yeah if it’s ucits and has a kiid it can be added, but imagine Ft would add if it additionally has enough interest from customers and enough volume to be able to meet best execution requirements

Thanks for the thoughts so far. I do like too, though my “workflow” is often discover a stock I’m interested in, if it’s too pricey per share (I’m using my ISA so no fractions allowed) then I try to find a relevant ETF holding that stock. If I search ETFChannel or JustETF for a specific stock it gies me a list of all ETFs holding it.

What I can’t seem to do is use the ETF screener, filter to London listings and then search for ETFs containing a stock.

However what I hadn’t seen previously is that on JustETF I can search for a stock, go to the ETF tab and then there is an open text field search and I can filter down to those that have UCITS in the name, e.g. - this might do most of what I want. The good thing about ETFChannel is you can search for multiple stocks and it will give you every combination of all/some of those stocks and the proportion of each holding, but I’ve found it only returns the ETF tickers so I can’t search for UCITS in the name

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