It seems a little odd that there’s currently no ETF on Freetrade tracking the stock market of the largest economy in Europe.

The Xtrackers DAX UCITS ETF is the largest-volume FCA-recognised DAX ETF with UK Reporting status, so presumably the obvious choice to be added to Freetrade’s catalogue.

This request does raise an interesting question with respect to Freetrade’s European expansion however… Would Freetrade in future offer both the GBX-denominated version of this ETF that is listed on the London Stock Exchange, and the EUR-denominated version listed on, eg, the Stuttgart Stock Exchange? I guess the same question arises for, eg, the STOXX ETFs already on the platform.

Trading volumes look OK too… so no reason FT couldn’t get this on the platform.

In the meantime looks like Trading 212 would let you pick it up for “free” and DeGiro would let you pick it up “cheap”


EDIT : Scrap that! Volumes look low and generally low via any trading facility…but the LSE looks weak too… so you’ll likely NOT see FT get this one on board as the 4pm batch trade is liable (how? I don’t understand) to fail (with the usual level of customer annoyance). Yet at over £100 share price and minimum market maker quotes on the order book at 450 shares that gives the batch a window of nearly £50k before it breaches the likelihood of automated execution. So long as FT have a decent few Market makers on the end of their electronic orders then it really should execute…but…hey… this has appeared to be a problem. All hail the “Invest Platform”. That shall resolve all. Hurrah.

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What would the definition of “low” be? I can certainly see other ETFs in the Freetrade catalogue that have similar trading volumes to this one on the London Stock Exchange.

The volumes of this particular ETF on Xetra are an order of magnitude higher than on the LSE (unsurprisingly, though I know that doesn’t help right at this moment).

I just don’t see why the volumes being low matters. If Freetrade feel an end of day order will not work then they can prevent all orders except instant (or below a certain size).

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@hrochfor1 How much shit would they get though for not putting through basic orders?

Scenario: last thing on a Friday it’s not executed for a user and they complain on the forum all weekend. Not only about their situation but FT and it’s staff. I can foresee it :joy::joy::joy:

Sure but we are all grown ups. If the app is well organised and the stocks/ETFs in question are well labelled it won’t be an issue.