REQUEST Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund


Could a US Total market ETF be added to the Stocks and Share ISA please, like VTSAX or by iShares, Schwabb etc.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Buy XTrackers MSCI USA (XDUS) if you want comparable exposure to those funds you bame.

For what it’s worthVTSAX is a mutual fund not an ETF.

Freetrade is exclusively a stockbroker and does not offer fund dealing.

That aside US Mutual Funds and ETFs cannot be bought by U.K./EU investors as they’re not UCITS compliant.


Hey @mandeep.87, welcome to the forum and thanks for the request.

As @JWD mentions, we wouldn’t be able to offer this one, so I’ll close this thread for now.

Please do create any topics for stocks you’d like to see us add, if you can’t see an existing topic, and also use this form which is the best way to request new stocks: