Freetrade New Stock Request Form

Hi everyone,

We will double down on adding new stocks and ETFs. To make this process better for everyone, let’s use this request form:

New stock requests will be reviewed every Friday.

Also, let us know any feedback!


So… what of the individual stock request threads?

Might i suggest you put up some instructions here on how to find the ticket and what names people should use, as newcomers to investing dont always know where to find that info accurately.


We will double down on adding new stocks and ETFs.

Great stuff!

Currently we can try to avoid duplicate suggestions by searching the forum and gauge the interest around a particular stock by the number of votes. Am I missing something or is this impossible using this new google forms approach?


I believe they’ll probably collate the data into one set. maybe take a count of entries. Thats what ive dont when ive made forms. Though free text fields make that harder if you don’t put the information in accurately.

I was asking from the perspective of a forum user. Sure they (:freetrade:) can process the data they get on the forms easily but I always found interesting as forum user to see which of my suggestions got any traction (with the hope that more traction increased the likelihood of a stock being added quickly). :man_shrugging:


Oh yeah we lose some visibility, but i dont think supplicates matters in this context. I did wonder myself though if we are continuing with new topics for suggestions as well… or just this.

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Could this feed into a voting league table? It feels like we’ve lost the community aspect a bit. Or will we have to say ‘please put a request in’ on the forum posts?


The options on the form are Stock and ETF. If I am requesting an investment trust should I just put this down as stock or does this need a separate category?

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Investment trusts would be a stock

GIGO - Garbage in garbage out

The white writing on the grey background is extremely difficult to read!

Not for the average investor, there is a lot of buzz words and acronyms.

I designed it only for above average investors who wear glasses. It felt like the demographic to aim for. Niche.


Would you consider expanding to those who wear contact lenses?

Neglect them at your own peril.

The ones wearing shades are watching your movements.


Haha @finki thats me out then. Im just average without glasses. I leave it to the nerds lol

It would be good to see what has been requested by others via the form, but this does sound like moving closer towards a model of ‘you request it and if we can technically list it we will’ so hopefully many many more shares coming to the app soon :grinning:


Happy to share the requests.

‘You request it and if we can technically list it we will’ has been the model for a long time, there are two things we are doing:

  1. Implementing improvements that allow us to share stocks we couldn’t before
  2. Discovering stocks we can add, but for some reason we haven’t yet (e.g. they are new).

It kinda works in a collated dataset if people put the correct ticker symbol, though there may be instances where XYZ happens to be a ticker on both the LSE and NYSE/NASDAQ

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Thunder Bridge Acquisition II Ltd



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Great! It would be good to see which stocks have been already requested and which ones are going to be added after review.