Brand new stocks, inc. blockchain, SPACs, green energy - 19th Jan 2021

Your weekly batch of new stocks has arrived.

Including some big community requests, plus some new stocks just made available through our US partner.

Name Symbol Community thread ISA Eligible SIPP Eligible Universe
Amyris Inc AMRS Amyris, Inc. (AMRS) Share Chat TRUE TRUE Free
Berkeley Lights Inc BLI Berkeley Lights (BLI) Share Chat - #2 by astonelesschip TRUE TRUE Free
Certara Inc CERT Certara, Inc. (CERT) Share Chat TRUE TRUE Free
Capital Metals plc CMET Capital Metals (CMET) Share Chat TRUE TRUE Plus
Danimer Scientific Inc DNMR Danimer Scientific Inc (DNMR) Share Chat TRUE TRUE Free
Escape Hunt plc ESC Escape Hunt (ESC) Share Chat - #23 by AdamL TRUE TRUE Plus
Longview Acquisition Corp LGVW LGVW Longview Acquisition Corp (LGVW) Share Chat - #5 by Sims TRUE TRUE Free
Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp NGA Lion Electric Co. (LEV) Share Chat - #17 by JohnR TRUE TRUE Free
Nightcap plc NGHT Nightcap 🍹🍸 - NGHT - Stock Discussion - #41 by NeilB TRUE TRUE Free
Online Blockchain plc OBC Online Blockchain PLC (OBC) Share Chat - #14 by PeteL TRUE TRUE Plus
Panthera Resources plc PAT TRUE TRUE Plus
Romeo Power Inc RMO TRUE TRUE Free
Rush Street Interactive Inc RSI TRUE TRUE Free
Star Peak Energy Transition Corp STPK TRUE TRUE Free

Let us know what you think of this week’s batch!

And don’t forget to use this new voting form to request new stocks:

Capital at risk


Hoping DEV is coming soon… :crossed_fingers:


At last, FT beating T212 to the punch in added requested stocks - in this case CMET


@Freetrade_Team – the stock table and G Sheet not updated yet though :grimacing:


This is all very well but when is SUSW going to arrive?

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I can’t wait to put some of these in my Freetrade LISA :wink:


Was rather hoping it was going to make the cut and be added this week :cry:

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If we get any of the flavours of SUSW I think it would be SGWS which is GBP-denominated - which should make things easier for @Viktor come on you know you want to Viktor

Or WSRI which has 0.18% ongoing charges. Traded in LSE. I think it is quoted in GBP but distributes dividends in EUR.

I was being lazy and just quoted the ticker on the request post :slightly_smiling_face: But, yes, SGWS would be great - and a GBP, accumulating would be even better for me.

@xnox has suggested WSRI but that would only be available on Plus - it’ll be some time before the 0.05% difference makes up for the extra £84 per year (I use the ISA) - so I need the iShares equivalent.

Great to see more SPACs being added!

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