Brand new stocks, inc. blockchain and cannabis ETFs - 23rd March 2021

Hi everyone :wave:

Here are your latest batch of new stocks.

We were able to add a couple of community requests, including blockchain and cannabis ETFs, plus some US stocks newly available to us.

Full list

Stock Ticker Universe ISA and SIPP eligible?
Amphenol Corp APH Free Yes
Ecolab Inc ECL Free Yes
Edwards Lifesciences Corp EW Free Yes
Gulf Keystone Petroleum GKP Plus Yes
Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain UCITS ETF (Acc) BCHS Free Yes
Rize Medical Cannabis & Life Sciences UCITS ETF (Acc) FLWG Plus Yes

Capital at risk


With these ETFs, Series B and instant deposits, what a busy news day for Freetrade :heart_eyes:


Will sftw be added?

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When will trufin be added

Hey, welcome to the Community @Chamoisleather :wave:

You can request stocks by creating a Stock request topic but in this case someone has beaten you to it, you can vote for it here :point_down:

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Hi Jonny,

I am one of those who have voted already :slight_smile: Is it likely to be added before April? hoping to get in before they release news.

I appreciate they are on the SETsqx and are illiquid at the moment! but they won’t be, well not by the time i sell! (i hope)

Sadly I don’t work at Freetrade so I can’t comment on when it would be hitting the app.

What I can recommend is getting that topic going by doing a write up / DD on the company, to try to get more community members voting for it :wink: More votes = quicker on the app

Please can Ouster (ticker: OUST) be added…

Sorry about that, I missread Jonny at FreeTrade and not Jonny via FreeTrade…but you’re spot on, maybe I’ll do a write up…or direct them to a much bigger Investor who might have more clout :slightly_smiling_face:


I am also desperate to add this !! please


Can we have SVAC

Welcome to the community @Dapper333 :wave:

It’s normally best to request stocks via creating a topic for other users to vote on. Luckily, in this case, someone has already made one. You can vote for it here :point_down:

SVAC pleased

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