[Request] Trufin PLC (LON:TRU)


TruFin is an operating company focused on growing Fintech and banking businesses to provide niche lending, technological and service solutions to the working capital and early payment markets. With offices in London and Birmingham the company was originally part of Arrowgrass, an alternative asset manager.


TruFin currently focuses on opportunities arising from the capital needs of consumers and SMEs which it believes remain under-served. In order to satisfy these customers it is not merely the provision of capital in a flexible manner that is a necessity, but also a superior customer experience and service. To that end TruFin is very focused on providing advanced technological solutions together with excellent relationship management.


Oxygen Finance is a leading provider of early payment systems to the public and private sector both in the UK and internationally.

Satago Financial Solutions is a provider of working capital finance and technology solutions to SMEs.

Vertus Capital is a provider of bespoke business loans to enable succession between independently minded financial advice firms in the UK.

PlayStack Limited provides publishing and financing services to the mobile game and console sector.

Likewise with this, dying to put this in my ISA as well…

Hi all

We are exploring if we can add this stock.

There are additional complexities involved, but we’ll do our best.

More context:

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Hi Sam is there any update on this please? :slightly_smiling_face:

What if you add all AIM stocks but only enable limit orders? That way you don’t have to worry about Best execution or liquidity as it will be up to the investor’s to decide.

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Could trufin UK Aim stock be added? Thanks

A quick search would have brought up the one below.