Any new stocks coming this month?

Please say NIO :pray::pray::pray:


Hope so!! Would be great to see some new additions.

It would be great if they posted their stocks on this forum or even on their site (both current and upcoming) rather than putting them out in the google sheet/excel format. I cant check them in work cause our system blocks stuff like that and tbh i cant be bothered scrolling through it on my phone. Not the end of the world i know, but would be a nice “to have” feature.


Hope so too! Waiting for Virgin Galactic SPCE :pray::pray::pray:


I have virgin galactic on Revolut, 20% up at the min


I’d really like to see some Cannabis stocks

I don’t and never have smoked cannabis myself but legislation is happening everywhere, even in the UK we’re heading to it being available on the NHS, indeed CBD already is.

I don’t want to miss this train, it’s frustrating because Freetrade is the easiest and simplest platform for me, I don’t want to use the UK alternatives out there but all of them offer cannabis stocks and Freetrade doesn’t.

I don’t want to miss the train on this one.

I honestly believe that Cannabis based treatments will soon replace opioids, it’s proven to be much less damaging and harmful. When that starts to happen, we’ll see a huge boom in the industry.

Please Freetrade, it’s been asked for multiple times, but please add some cannabis based stocks sooner rather than later.


Totally agree, both medical and recreational (in States mainly at the moment) both increasing the demand for this product will drive up revenues for all who supply it and the earlier we all get in on it, the more we’ll benefit when it does become more widespread. Hopefully with the start of this new year FT will start to focus on adding some of the Cannabis stocks on here. The other posts requesting new stock reflect votes that would suggest its something many of us really want!

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We’re focusing on rolling out Invest by Freetrade, but in the background, we are also analysing the stock/ETF requests and working on them in the background.

There won’t be any new stocks immediately, as we’re planning to add them in big batches once we upgraded everyone to Invest. Which is close.


Hi are there any new stocks being added soon?

250 US stocks are coming within a week or two! The list of the top 30 or so have been published on other threads.


Hey @mslanda01, yes new stocks are coming very soon :tada: We’re planning to add them as soon as fractional investing has fully rolled out. We’ll be rolling out gradually, so it’ll be a little longer than 1-2 weeks for the new stocks; more likely late May. Watch this space…


Ok thanks for the update!