Sativa Investments PLC - SATI

Was wondering if there was any opportunity to get the NEX exchange traded stock.

Sativa Investments
The Company is an Investment Vehicle, established to identify investment opportunities in the Medicinal Cannabis sector in Canada, that is internationally recognised as having well-developed and reputable laws and regulations for the research and production of Medicinal Cannabis and that comply with the United Nation’s conventions on narcotics. The Company’s investment strategy is to focus on the production, testing and compliance, research and development, including pharmacology, commercialisation and sales and marketing of Medicinal Cannabis.

Yes I want to get on the cannabis ponzi too! :wink:

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Be great to get in early to the UK market for medicinal cannabis :blush:

Any update on cannabis stock coming in? Is it still gaining momentum? I had stock in sati a and sold it at profit when it spiked earlier in year but it has dropped as news in that area for Europe has slowed somewhat in the positive


Does anyone know how many votes this requires in order to be placed on freetrade?

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@adam can we get this one on there please:) I’ve got a few friends who are interested in signing up to freetrade and are extremely interested in this one :smile:

@Freetrade_Team1 Is there a CDI for this stock?