[Requests] Psyched Wellness (PSYC) and Mind Medicine (MMED)

We were late on the weed stocks can we get on these early?

I assume you mean PSYC, not PSYK, as that’s an oil company.

Canadian and OTC stocks aren’t currently supported at :freetrade: so I wouldn’t expect either of them soon. They do both have German listings, though and Europe is next up on their expansion plans. Regardless of this, you can fill out the form in the pinned thread to “vote” for them via their preferred stock request method. That centralises everything, so there’s less likely they’ll be forgotten about. Make sure you use the correct ticker symbols when you do :slight_smile:

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Have you looked at MGC Pharma (LSE:MXC) ? First medicinal cannabis stock on LSE. It IPO’d yesterday, not on Freetrade but I have put a request in

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