Cannabis stocks have arrived 🌱

Following the launch of 250 new US stocks last week, we’re pleased to share the first batch of our weekly new additions to your app.

And this week, the new additions aren’t just pot luck.

There has been a movement in recent years towards legalisation of cannabis, driven primarily by North America. As a result, we’ve seen many companies emerge and the industry grow rapidly.

Cannabis stocks have also been highly-requested on the Freetrade community forum.

We’re pleased to add these companies to your app today:

Check them out on the ‘Newly added’ section of your app now.

We’ll continue to add new stocks weekly, including more UK-listed companies like airlines and defence companies, ETFs, European stocks, and more.

*Basic Account, not ISA


The stock descriptions are absolute :fire: ‘The Unilever of dope.’ :joy::joy:


Is there an issue on the Aurora Cannabis graph on Freetrade? I can’t see that decline and massive rise on Yahoo Finance?

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Odd to see them listed in the Health sector lol.
It would be simple to group them together and take a small punt, seeing as they are all available in fractions.

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There was a stock split:

We are investigating a fix for this.

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Let’s all get stoned. :rofl:

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Added some. To diversify my portfolio obviously :wink:

So who’s good in the cannabis stocks? :thinking:

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I did a bit of research and plumped for Aphria but I am going to do alot more research before putting more than 100 in any of them.

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Freetrade taking the phrase ten bagger to a whole new level


Please report back your findings to us, uneducated ones.


This is an interesting idea, a bit like an ETF, you could pay one amount, and get proportions of each stock by market weight. It wouldn’t rebalance automatically, but you could buy again later at the new market proportions. Could work well for automated investing/autopilot based on themes like Cannabis, eSports etc.

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I tried to buy GW Pharmaceuticals and it is not coming up in the app.
I am wondering if this has been add !

Looks like GW Pharmaceuticals is only available in basic account and not ISA

Shame we missed the spike for Aurora :cry:

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Any thoughts on Canopy Growth?

I don’t know much about this industry maybe someone could fill me in. I read that Canada hadn’t given out enough licenses and weed was so expensive that most were still buying from illegal dealers. Is that going to change? I feel like if Trudeau loses to some conservative who bans it again, the stock would disappear.

Been waiting for this, very exciting update!

There’s a good article in today’s guardian about Artemis buying a UK medical facility to fill their cannabis orders

Reveals quite a bit about the current state of the cannabis market, at least it was new to me

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