Aurora Cannabis ☘️✌🏽 - ACB

Seems like a growth market to me

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Mind blowing investment I’m in ! :+1:t4:

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Any update on Aurora and other cannabis companies? These are some of the vote leaders and I saw that another commission free trading platform has recently added a bunch of stocks in this area - possibly suggesting there’s a demand for it?

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We don’t offer stocks that’re priced in Canadian dollars at the moment so it’ll be a little while before we can add this stock.

The stock is also on the NYSE so could it not be added through that?

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Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a β€˜CDI’ for the stock, which we’d need in order to enable you to invest in them.

We’ve explained why CDIs are important in more detail here.

Interesting I just bought into ACB at the end of last week after they hit new lows.

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its now listed on NYSE


I’d like this one to be on there as well!

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Please add this stock


Would be good to get in on this company and the others as this market will more than likely continue to grow with the continual and inevitable legalization across many countries starting to slowly come into effect. Trade 212 already has this company and many others available to trade with, so i think FT needs to do some catching up to be competitive.

I always think of the opening monologue from the film Layer Cake, when the narrator states about how β€œone day all this drug monkey business will be legal, they wont leave it up to people like me. Not when they figure out how much money there is to be made from it, not millions, f*cking billions!”

Food for thought.


Any updates on this? Seems like a good time to buy Aurora now



Be great to get this added ? ACB


Agree, 157 votes…i’d say people are keen for it to be added! :+1:


For now if you want exposure for that stock you can get it on other free brokerage account until its gonna be available here

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Good idea for an alternative while waiting I will agree. However, given the popularity of the request, the fact that other trading apps already have this, and also FT adding stocks for companies with nowhere near the same level of interest votes wise…i think they maybe need to step it up a bit to add this rather than having people go elsewhere only to mess around having to transfer it to FT later.

After yesterdays federal dec-criminalisation at the Federal level in US cannabis stocks should be a plus. I only own on stock in the space IIPR a cannabis REIT. ACB’s at a great time to buy. And it’s synergy with my name. The Aurora after Shane is the named for the investment vehicle I do my non-equities investing :upside_down_face:

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FT is being far too slow adding this and other stocks. Seriously considering moving to another platform. Any recommendations?

2 aurora cannibus products approved in Ireland over the weekend. Ireland is the most stringent country I know when it comes to CBD/MedCan.

Edit: this website is in the top tier of journalism in ireland. Doesn’t mean much but they are

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