An update on adding thousands of new US stocks 🇺🇸

I think ignore stocks and just do a top 5 ETFs. We desperately need to see more.

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Which 5 are you after?

  • Vanguard Aggregate Bonds ETFs (medium and long dated)
  • MSCI EM Hedged Distributing
  • S&P500 Hedged
  • NASDAQ100 Hedged

Oh and commodities ETFs as well.

Here it says there will be ETFs in the first batch:

Here’s a list of all the share requests with 20 or more votes that don’t have the on Freetrade label. Just browsing through this it’s understandable why they have not made it onto the app yet, like ARK Innovation ETF - ARKK which doesn’t have a Key Information Document so cannot be offered in the UK. Or [Request :wave:] EasyJet - LON:EZJ which requires nationality declarations.

Votes Title
177 [Request :wave:] Aurora Cannabis - ACB
146 [Request :wave:] Tencent - TCEHY or 0700.HK
125 BAE Systems - BA
123 [Request :wave:] Canopy Growth Corporation - CGC
113 [Request :wave:] Virgin Galactic - SPCE :rocket: :crescent_moon:
89 [Request :wave:] Realty Income Corporation - O
82 Costco Wholesale Corporation - COST
82 Nintendo - NTDOY
77 [Request :wave:] SoftBank - TYO:9984
64 [Request :wave:] NIO Inc - NIO :battery: :oncoming_automobile:
60 [Request :wave:] Samsung Electronics - SMSN
59 [Request :wave:] EasyJet - LON:EZJ
56 [Request :wave:] International Airlines Group - LON:IAG
55 [Request :wave:] CD Projekt Red - CDR :video_game: :crossed_swords:
51 Tilray - TLRY
51 [Request :wave:] Amarin [NASDAQ:AMRN]
49 ARK Innovation ETF - ARKK
44 [Request :wave:] Cloudflare - NET
43 [Request :wave:] Roku Inc - ROKU
42 Waste Management Plc - WM
36 [Request :wave:] Ryanair Holdings - RYA
36 iShares Global Green Energy - ICLN
36 [Request :wave:] Vanguard developed world - VEVE
36 [Request :wave:] Rolls-Royce Holdings plc - RR
35 iShares MSCI India ETF - INDA
34 [Request :wave:] Altria Group Inc - MO
32 iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology - IBB
32 [Request :wave:] Sonos - SONO
31 [Request :wave:] Docusign - DOCU
31 Vanguard LifeStrategy® 100% Equity Fund - Accumulation
29 Skyworks Solutions - SWKS
29 [Request :wave:] Babcock International - BAB :poop: :chicken:
28 [Request :wave:] GW Pharmaceuticals - GWPH
28 [Request :wave:] iShares MSCI World Small Cap ETF - WSML
27 iShares Core MSCI World - SWDA
27 [Request :wave:] The Trade Desk - TTD
27 [Request :wave:] Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited - SONG
26 Horizon Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF - HMMJ
26 Airbus SE - AIR
26 [Request :wave:] Team17 - TM17
25 [Request :wave:] Splunk - SPLK
24 Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners - BEP
24 [Request :wave:] LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE – MC:FP
24 Illumina - ILMN
23 Hotel Chocolat - HOTC
23 [Request :wave:] Global Funds Ireland S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility - HDLG
22 Xiaomi Corporation - 1810
22 L&G Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF
21 Global X SuperDividend ETF - SDIV
20 Marstons - MARS
20 SThree - STHR

P.S. - I pulled the topics by votes and I haven’t checked the list against what’s on the Freetrade Universe. So purely relying on the on Freetrade tag.


The KID issue is also relevant for all Global X ETFs. These cannot be offered.

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Yeah there’s a few like this, a few requiring nationality declarations as well. Then there’s some which are not on UK/US exchanges so cannot be supported at the moment like Xiaomi Corporation - 1810 which is on the Hong Kong exchange. Then there are ones with low trading volumes, so if they add them to the app they might then have to deal with a lot of inbound queries on failed orders.

The only suggestion I have about all this is to somehow provide better visibility on why a stock isn’t in the app. Maybe exact search in the app should show stocks that cannot be traded right now, as greyed out with a possible reason. HL does this with ones that do not have a Key Information Document like Ark ETF Trust Ark Genomic Revolution Multi-Sector ETF (ARKG).


Three cheers for PRIIPs, where the EU government decided you weren’t capable of finding out risk/fees/etc information for yourself and demanded they all produce KIDs.

Narrotor: They didn’t bother.


Will Realty Income Corp be available in the Freetrade ISA ?

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I really like this idea


Yes saf! I think we’ve suggested that in a thread somewhere before… Don’t know if it was but into it’s own ideas thread to vote on.
Also definitely need this feature for stocks that are on the app but undergoing a corporate action where trading is suspended e.g just eat, Eurasia mining, etc… Instead of it being hidden in the app with your shares/value if you are holding it. I haven’t been able to find those posts - can anyone else find them, or start an ideas thread for it?


If you create a ideas thread then I’ll vote for it :slightly_smiling_face:

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There’re old and potential new users who don’t spend their time in forums, let’s keep that in mind when adding new shares. Competing platforms are doing an ok job offering a lot of shares and option trading, which would be nice to see here.


Hi All,

Please can you advise when new securities will be added? Previously there used to be new updates every Friday however it looks like this stopped a few months ago.



Yeah keen to see this as would love to see Go Daddy added

First, fractional shares will roll out, and we’ll add the new stocks after then. Fractional shares are in the final stages of development.

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The social guy of FT said the shares will be rolled out “this week” two months ago.

You can understand our frustrations with misleading us with communicating misleading timescales.


Can you link a source? I’d be interested to see that as that’s never been my impression.

This was at least a month ago.