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Marstons Plc please. Pubs and beer!

Any chance of this being added soon? :pray:

Diversifying, debt reduction plan announced. Good dividend.

Anyone been holding Marstons recently? I’ve been adding a few and then continue to average down lately and then yesterday… Boom.


Fantastic if you managed to average down well. The merger came out of the blue for me!

Bought 515 in March at 28p for the 20% Discount Card when you eat at their pubs - Got lucky I guess -

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Long way for me to even break even! Need another £1 at least on the current price;

Interesting this, I wonder how this will work in practice for Marston’s shareholders. Looks like Marstons will make up 40% of the new business merger with Carlsberg UK.

Do people think this will lead to a new London Stock Exchange PLC, 40% of which is owned by current Marston’s shareholders and the remaining 60% by the Danish stock market listed Carlsberg?

Nice return!

Did you actually get to use the discount card? Given the pandemic situation.

Welcome to the forum.

Card has not been posted out yet due to Lockdown - received and e-mail from them saying it will be once they are back in the office - so we will wait and see

That’s great. How do you get the card? I did have over 500 but sold so now a little under lol.

Im unsure personally how this will all pan out. It seemed to suggest that the merger valued the Marstons part higher than the current share price but I can see how this will benefit both parties.

Not sure if this will put any of their other suppliers Jose’s out of joint but they’re going to own a decent amount of their own product stack now so should be a great fit.

You have to email them evidence that you have 500 shares.

Hopefully this still applies after the announcement this week

Thanks for sharing. I’ll give that a thought and see how to do it. Love a Marstons and bankss so hopefully will be there when they reopen

Very disappointing to see this is moving to Freetrade Plus and excluding it from free users. Anything we can do to protest against this?


Hey wondering if someone can help. On Freetrade it says the stock price is 0.96 but on Yahoo finance it’s saying it’s 95.45 I was wondering if someone can help clear this up and why there is inconsistencies with the share price

Yahoo Finance shows the value in pence
Freetrade shows the value in £


The LSE is quoted in pence always. Brokers choose to maintain the tradition or use pounds.

Looked into this. It seems Carlsberg really wanted the Marstons delivery business. They had been using DHL Tradeteam for their drays and the service was awful. Marstons still had their own drays. The new venture CMBC are looking to expand the delivery arm with several other Tradeteam customers looking to join. All of which will be good news for the business.

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