Mars, Incorporated (MARS)

Owner of brands like Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, Skittles, Wrigley’s Chewing Gum, and of course Mars Bars. And also of brand Pet Foods, Pedigree and Whiskas.

Company has a PE Ratio under 10, earnings are up year on year, 150+ million in cash and a fantastic dividend of 5.91%.

If this is something that you could look at it would be a great addition imo :ok_hand:t3:

They do look good. I’ve known the previous UK finance director, ops director, and head of design. For these reasons I would not invest, or at least do so gingerly.

Since when is Mars a publicly listed company? I thought they were still private so impossible to invest in.

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@Jamie1088 I think you’ve misled yourself a little here bud.

There’s a company with the symbol MARS, listed on the LSE, called Marston’s PLC. It is the UK’s leading brewer of premium cask and packaged ales, which include Marston’s Pedigree, Wainwright, and Hobgoblin. It also has an estate of 1,551 pubs.

I’ve cross-checked the numbers you listed with those of Marston’s, and they matchup (more or less). Have a look here: Financial Results for the last 5 years (By HL)

Although I knew nothing about MARS before I looked into this particular post, from the little research I have done, the company seems to be in a really strong position. Don’t be put off because they don’t produce sweets! Beer is equally as enjoyable :joy:

As others have indicated, Mars (the sweets producer) is a private company that you cannot invest in, unfortunately :sweat_smile:

But Marstons is quite a highly requested stock so feel free to bump it up if it is of interest:

I will close this thread to avoid further confusion :slight_smile: