When will these be available through Freetrade?

Umm, whenever it decides to go public.

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Based on discussions on the BD forum and my personal view, I think we are looking at a listing end of this year, early 2022.


Still 126 days left to get in before it goes public


No guarantee that it IPOs once the funding round is over though…
Or have they said it officially?

Nothing official just rumours …I’ve already got my shares :beers:

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I’m really on the fence with BrewDog, love the product (and obviously the pubs), but I really struggle to see any potential growth at £1.9B.

I’m not turning my nose up at the valuation but it’s just a tad out of what I’d be happy to pay for it.

The offer of 5% off & a beer on my birthday almost sweetens the deal though! Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have too many Punk IPAs and decide to have some skin in the game.

(Don’t drink and invest)


If you invest in the Equity Punks, do you then get shares once it’s listed?

Same, that’s a super lofty multiple. Wetherspoons trades at a P/S of ~1 and Brewdog is at almost 10. It’s really hard to see how future earnings could possibly justify this valuation of almost £2bn, which is probably why they hide it away.


I invested when Brewdog was valued at ~£200m and was sent similar articles stating £200m was a mad valuation and it was a scam…

I don’t disagree that £2b is a high validation, but they have proved everyone wrong so far. They are aggressively expanding internationally with breweries in Australia, US, UK, Germany and they have more planned in Asia I think.

Someone on the Brewdog forum did a good analysis -


I invested the minimum amount for the 5/10% discounts 4 years back and probably claimed more than half the invested amount back this way already :smiley:


It’s something you should invest in if you believe in the products and their ethos not if you want to make any money any time soon.

I’m not sure about the 2Bil valuation but how well they have done in lockdown I think the skys the limit!

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I invested on their second equity punks call. As a previous post said I’ve got a load back on discounts and I sold a chunk back to them that almost paid my original investment back.
Worth it IMO but all depends if you like their beer


I love this comment :+1: I do like to flutter on a company I genuinely like and hope they succeed big time but happy to make a smaller % than some of the more famous names out there.

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Great write up of the Brewdog valuation on this thread…

Personally this is the company that got me into crowd funding all the way back in EFP2!


Not a great end to a promo :man_facepalming: :joy: I’ve actually lost a lot of respect for them as this is just wrong!!


So they’re adamant they’re worth £15k but then they

declined to answer whether it would buy the can back for £15,000 minus costs.


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Yep :+1: and the fact their twitter says

"Dear People Of The World,

10 solid gold Punk IPA cans are hidden in Punk 12-packs which will ship from our online shop over the next 4 weeks.

Winners receive a gold can worth £15K, £10k of BrewDog shares & VIP tour of our Brewery."

Even Dellboy would think that is a slight exaggeration :joy:

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For anyone interesting or invested (I have been since 2016) here are some comments from James Watt yesterday re 2021 performance and 2022, That I lifted from the investor forum. Thankfully no mention of gold cans etc :see_no_evil::rofl:

“Despite the fact our bars were closed for a huge amount of the year we managed to deliver an exceptional year of top-line growth of well over 20%, overtook Diageo and became the 6th biggest beer supplier to UK grocery, opened some fantastic new locations and secured some show stopping sites for 2022 (Vegas & Waterloo). We also increased operating profits from 2020”

“We are also forecasting a significantly stronger year of top-line growth in 2022 than 2021, despite the fact we grew very strongly in 2021”

I’m predicting they closed 2021 with £290-300M revenue and targeting £380-400M for 2022 :rocket::dart::ok_hand:t3:


such an amazing company…

they also entered in the vodka industry: