BrewDog Trading Day

Interested to watch the BrewDog trading day yesterday- shows that it is perfectly possible to create liquidity for crowd investors prior to IPO. Wonder if more companies will follow their example.

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Any info on what shares were trading for? I imagine about £20 to take into account transaction costs but would be interested if anyone here bought/sold and at what price. I have 700 shares but didn’t look to sell yet.

£15 a share so agree that it was good price. Used the opportunity to top up my holding.

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It was only £15? The last round was £23.75…

Yes - very typical for trading days like this to sell at significant discount to last official raise - no rewards for one thing.

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I sold less than a fifth of my holding, which has comfortably covered everything I spent on the whole lot.

And that’s not even considering the hundreds of pounds worth of free beer, various other freebies, and the money I’ve saved via discounts.

But I was in reasonably early. I also think it was a great price to buy at if you just got shares in the last official raise, or if you didn’t have any.

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Many of us will be Brewdog shareholders simply because we are here on the forum of a crowdfunded platform aimed at investors.

If we all take our Brewdog hats off for a minute, surely this isn’t a good thing as some are suggesting?

This is a massive downround (-40%?) on the valuation they gave themselves in 2017. If crowdfunding £20m for one whole year (when others have done it in hours) was not an indication that they were grossly overvalued then surely a large swathe of early investors fighting for the exit door at a 40% discount and not finding many buyers waiting for them is the biggest red flag you can get?

I think they got way ahead of themselves with the TSG investment. Yes, early investors have made huge profits but the smelly elephant in the room is the fact that most of their crowdfunding investors will now be sitting on a 40% paper loss.

Yes, one day in the far future they will probably float for a few £billion, I believe that. But just to have a reality check for those saying this is great, the company has just suffered a massive downround and the majority of investors who paid £23.50 as early as November 2017 could be looking at a wait of years before they ever see that price again.

Brewdog hat back on - I need a beer!:smile:


Well, you’ve got transaction costs, no benefits, and having to know about it and bother to go through the registration process, so it was never going to be close to £23.75. Another couple of years’ growth before an IPO and it should be a good story, but I agree it’s not going to be the sort of growth early investors saw.

I stuck a few quid in the 2015 Brewdog Bond - at 6.5% each year a decent investment.


Is anyone here looking at selling on their next trading Day?..apparently it’s this month. I heard they may IPO this year. Is it worth holding on till then?. Have had my shares since 2015, am looking to put funds elsewhere.

Does anyone know what’s the current valuation?

As a private company the share value is not listed…the last BD fund raise was around £25 / share but included in this price was various perks which boosts the value. In recent updates the value of BD has been muted to be around £2 billion, however the trading day will determine a price what buyers and sellers agree on, on that day. I would speculate that this will be in a range of between £18 - £20, with the volume of shares traded being very low volume, so not really a true indication of the value of the company.

I forgot about the perks being factored in, I personally have never used mine. So is the price fixed or can you list what price you want to sell at?

In respect of the BD trading day…when the trading day is announced (through Asset Match I think) you can set whatever selling price you want for your BD shares…whether somebody will agree to purchase your BD shares at that price is another question…with the answer unknown until the trading day. For more information regarding this and to make sure you are fully up to date with what needs to be done to conduct a sale…go onto the BD forum site for helpful information and guidance.

PS - The trading day has not been announced yet so you have some time to “be prepared” for any trading day, as per the Scouts motto.

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Ok thank you. I am already registerd with Computershare but will look at Asset Match and the forum for more details.

I’m not selling mine I love the perks :slight_smile: