Freetrade Shares

Looking to buy some Freetrade shares if anyone is considering selling. Please get in touch. Wanting to buy 100 shares at £2.52 per share

It would be helpful to put at what price and how many you want to buy.

Shareholders were just offered the opportunity to exit at £3.77, so I am not sure you will have much luck with £2.52.


You’d be lucky to find shares at £5… Less then 5% of shareholders liquidated their holdings at £3.77 several months back now.


you should wait the next crowdcube campaign

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September 2021

No one is going to sell below £3.77 as we have just been offered that for them.

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Thank you and I can only put out that I am a newbie. How will I find out about the next Crowdfunding in September 2021?

  1. Register on Crowdcube. Mandatory
  2. Register on Freetrade website to get the newsletter and be the first one to know (amongst everyone else I suppose)
  3. Monitor this forum for updates on the subject

Good to see your interest either way! Follow @Raul ’s steps and you won’t miss the announcement. The round should go live some time in September!


Thank you, really appreciate your help - have now registered with Crowdcube and registered for Freetrade newsletter. Fingers crossed!


Hey all! Would be looking to sell some of my shares at around 2x to the last round’s price of 3,77£ per share. Hit me with a private message if interested.


How many are you selling? Are FT supporting sales at the moment?

Hey Neil. To send a private message you can click on the profile picture.

Any transaction as always needs to be approved by FT.

Hi yes I am interested. How many shares are you thinking of selling?

I’m also interested in selling a small proportion of shares. Would be willing to sell up to 5,000 shares at £10 per share. I’m familiar with the secondary sale process with Freetrade (have done it before). Message me if interested.

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Two founding members looking to sell shares a few weeks before the next crowdfunding that should show a decent increase in share price? :thinking: :man_shrugging:t4:

@szb @herbsandspicy - either of you care to share your reasoning, before the rest of us start to panic?

Where and when was this?

It was emailed to all shareholders as part of series B

Thank you. Found it