Will I Invest in Freetrade today?

There’s lots of convo on whether or not people are investing - so I thought to add my video.

Bear in mind - I’ve never previously invested in Freetrade - so my perspective may be biased somewhat.

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Just a note, it’s their 4th crowd funding round not 3rd

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I’m already wrong… thanks for correcting :smiley: - I’ll post that on YT!!

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Still watching. Thanks for sharing :grin:

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No thank you! Being correct is important :smiley:

Thanks for posting @Certi.Curti :grin:

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You’re welcome mate!

Can anyone summarise for us at work… :joy:

Why is it so hard to find out the price per share? Does anyone know what it is - just says details coming soon for me…

Circa £0.86

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