Does anyone know what the Freetrade share prices were in rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5?

Anyone?know these off the top of their head.

R3 was 56p I believe.

thanks a bunch

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It says you’re an Investor_R5?

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Good decision :slight_smile:

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Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

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Double bunch!

Was it definitely 95p?

The last share issue price was 95.6004p

Previous Crowdcube rounds per share price were:
April 2019: 84p
June 2018: 52p
March 2017: 15p
July 2016: 8p

The exact details can be viewed at Companies House by looking at the SH01 forms.


Thanks Adam

So today’s share price is probably around 110-120p? based on past performance. However given that (I assume) the business must now be growing faster the price could even be higher? :pray::moneybag:

To be fair I wasn’t so much after speculation. The current share price could be higher or lower based on many factors and I am not so worried as it is a longer term thing.

I made 1000% profit, shame I was young and poor when I first invested.

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Hey Adam!

Thanks for the above information. Can you please explain what are we looking at in the SH01 form?
The last share issue price was 95.60p (Oct 2019) and the value of the share after the £7m funding is also 95.60 as stated in ( Hence, I am a bit confused.

Would appreciate if you can explain.


I hope you don’t mind me answering, but the latest filed SH01 form is dated March 13, 2020. It reports that 51,747,737 shares have been issued and that the latest share price is valued at 0.956004 GBP.

The share price for this round was sold at 2.51 GBP on Crowdcube.

We are yet to see the total amount of shares confirmed as sold, but we can expect the share price to be 2.51 GBP (this value may be rounded) in the next Companies House filing.

Going by the timing of previous filings, the next SH01 will likely be filed in June if not early July, and it should appear on the Companies House website approximately 1 month after that.

Thought I would update the share price history and gather some thoughts on what the share price for the proposed Series B may be. Any guesses?

Please correct me if any of this is wrong:

December 2020 (proposed Series B): ???
May 2020: £2.51
June 2019 (Series A): 95.60p
April 2019: 84p
June 2018: 52p
March 2017: 15p
July 2016: 8p

54,598,676 shares issued.


More than £2.51 hopefully


Hopefully won’t have long to wait but I’d be hoping for about 3.50 by the end of the year. If more, fantastic. If less, I’m sure Adam got the best deal he could.

Will be great to hear what the money raised will be used for.


I really hope there’s one last crowdfund for everyone!

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That would give it a circa £190m valuation pre money, which is great, but I personally think its still too low considering everything that has been achieved in just the last few months. Perhaps that was already baked into the valuations, but I think the future is looking a lot clearer than it was before. Depending on how much they raise they would be giving a fair share of the company away at that price. This year has been the best of them all, so I’d like to see it follow a similar trend of mostly doubling the share price from one raise to the next, although I appreciate the timeframe this time around is much shorter.


A doubling every 6 months would be great :sunglasses: