Does anyone know what the Freetrade share prices were in rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5?

Anyone?know these off the top of their head.

R3 was 56p I believe.


thanks a bunch

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It says you’re an Investor_R5?

I set it as R3. I haven’t checked this forum in a while and just noticed when I replied to your post that it has changed to R5. :laughing: I’ve invested in all 3.

Good decision :slight_smile:

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Forgot about R5. Seems like it was 95p.

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Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

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Double bunch!

Was it definitely 95p?

The last share issue price was 95.6004p

Previous Crowdcube rounds per share price were:
April 2019: 84p
June 2018: 52p
March 2017: 15p
July 2016: 8p

The exact details can be viewed at Companies House by looking at the SH01 forms.


Thanks Adam

So today’s share price is probably around 110-120p? based on past performance. However given that (I assume) the business must now be growing faster the price could even be higher? :pray::moneybag:

To be fair I wasn’t so much after speculation. The current share price could be higher or lower based on many factors and I am not so worried as it is a longer term thing.

I made 1000% profit, shame I was young and poor when I first invested.