Current Freetrade Price Per Share

Can anyone give me an estimate of the current Freetrade share price please?

What was it for the last funding round on CC and has anyone sold any privately since at a premium to this price please?

Many thanks

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Current share price is £2.51. An investor can only sell with Freetrades permission and assistance, we have to email them to ask, it wont necessarily be allowed - Crowdfunding is a lot less liquid than Trading.

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It was 2.51 but most people who pay tax would be able to claw the EIS 30% tax back. So for most people they will only actually suffer 70% of that. What FT is worth now is anyone’s guess. Probably £3

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Superb, thanks Jim.

Yes I understand I’d need to contact Freetrade about a private sale, but I’m not intending to sell anyway. I’m just updating the values of my current portfolio holdings on a spreadsheet.

Last round was £2.51. I’d expect current value to be around £29.17.


haha, let’s hope so DL1 :slight_smile:

Personally on looking at the share price each year and adjusting for time between rounds, then factoring FT growth in numbers plus development expected by next May it would be a surprise for most people if it wasn’t £5 a share. If you want a stab in the dark add 5p a week to share price. Don’t be surprised if it’s more and upset if it is less. :laughing:

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a 5x + ROI in ~2 years would be very nice indeed

I roughly calculate it as £3.30 when we hit 200,000 users in next few days :ok_hand:

But really it stays at £2.51 until the next raise. I haven’t seen any examples where shares are bought at a premium from the last raise.

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What metrics are everyone using to value Freetrade, a value per individual user, based on future cash flows etc? :smile:

How do I claim the 30% tax back?

On your self assessment.

Never done a self assessment

Both crowdcube & seeders have help pages dedicated to this. You will need the seis/eis form from the company which doesn’t happen for many months after the funding then you have to submit bthat to your local tax office. I’m on mobile or I’d get a link for you, but look at the help pages on those sites

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Are you Paye? If so just download the EIS form fill it in and send to HMRC, don’t need to do a self assessment

Yes I’m PAYE, thanks all for information.

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I’m currently a student finishing my masters degree and am unemployed so obviously don’t pay tax at the moment. If I were to get a job in the next few months would I still be able to claim EIS tax relief for my investment in Freetrade or do you have to have been paying tax at the time of investment to get the EIS relief.

You can claim EIS relief against tax you pay in the tax year you made the EIS investment or the previous tax year.

If by April 5th 2021 you have earned above the personal allowance and will have paid tax - you will be able to start claiming it back.

Under current regulations you have a 5 year window to claim EIS tax relief, starting the moment you make the investment. But you need to hold for a minimum of 3 years. If you claim EIS tax relief as soon as you place the investment and then sell before the end of the 3 years period you’ll have to pay the government back.

Also see @BOOM post just between yours and mine

Tax relief for investors using venture capital schemes - GOV.UK

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Okay cool thanks for the info guys, I appreciate it!