Sell my Freetrade shares


I currently hold 924 shares in Freetrade and I’d be interested in selling all or most of them. From the comments below, the latest valuation in 2021 was 9.25 per share, this would be the minimum I would look to sell for.

I’d either like to sell the full 924 or 900 and retain 24.

Please message me if you are interested in purchasing them and at what price. We can then contact Freetrade to arrange the transfer.


Do you mean shares in Freetrade. You don’t specify what you’re trying to sell.

You folks should check the discussion category :wink:

Edit: Sorry @Coolsmp if that seems targeted at you, there was somebody else who said more or less the same thing as you but seems the post was deleted.


Yes shares in Freetrade itself

Which one, there are so many, I found one, but that was relating to Seedr

You probably sell them on crowdcube

Ah sorry, was replying to the people who were replying to you.

Last year, investors were given a chance to sell some of their Freetrade shares during a VC funding round. That will probably be the next opportunity, if you want to sell.

Otherwise, if you have somebody who wants to buy them from you, contact Freetrade and they will help to facilitate the transfer.

They don’t have a seconds market

Thank you for your help

If anyone is interested let me know, otherwise I guess I’ll wait for the next round of fundraising.

Doesn’t anyone know the latest valuation?

£9.25 per share

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You can express an interest in selling but I don’t know exactly how it works.

Yeah I’ve done that, then came here to see if there was a more direct way of doing it

Cubex is to all intents and purposes not functional. You really don’t have enough shares to interest Seedrs or CC so contact Freetrade and they will give you the pathway required but it nor easy including finding a buyer yourself; FT will not help you. As @heytokyo suggests, you may have to wait for the next VC round.

I’m also looking to offload some of my shares, but have hit a brick wall with where to sell them. I think it may unfortunately be a case of waiting for the next funding round.

Hopefully by then the valuation will be even higher though, which would be great news :grinning: :grinning:

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People have managed to find buyers on here before, however someone recently sold a couple of hundred grands worth via seedrs so that might make it harder

Let’s have some happy speculation:

£9.25 in November
Growth has been around 2-2.5 multiple each year since 2018 at least, so let’s go with a multiple of 2 by the end of this year.
Assume linear growth each month

I make the current share price to be £13.10.


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Hi all,

As a reminder our community rules explicitly state that we do not allow threads about buying or selling shares held in Freetrade.