Anybody managed to sell their crowdfund bought Freetrade shares recently?

I was looking forward to Crowdcube’s secondary market however it seems like thats a long way off being anything like their competitors.

Has anybody actually been able to sell their shares since the previous round?

Hi @swaterfall

It’s tidier if we keep topics on a few threads as possible, the crowdfunding mega thread is a good place for this type of discussion.

Hey @NeilB

I’m referencing Freetrade shares specifically not investing on other crowdfunding rounds. That discussion appears to be about other companies/investments.

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There’s still loads left on that Seedrs secondary offering, so probably not a great time to sell unless you are prepared to accept a lower price

You’ll most likely have the option to sell after the series C round, just like in the series B. This was suggested by Adam in the latest crowdfunding


@Rob14 Yeah that’s likely the case. Guessing thats a year or two away.

All shares got sold! Demand is still there for the shares at £9.25

Do you have any evidence of this?

Not implying you are lying but if you could share confirmation that they all sold that would be helpful.



The amount on offer was much higher originally

Once they start expanding into the EU,Australia,Canada the shares will rocket

Depends on the uptake in those countries

Ah there was 700k available originally.

Ah I didn’t know that!

I’m looking to sell 9596 freetrade shares. DM me offers.