Series B

Is there any news on this? Feels like the perfect time


Hopefully not too long before we get some good news. :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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I have a feeling this newsletter is going to be :fire:


Will we be able to sell shares in secondary from previous rounds ?

This one’s not crowdfunding, it’s for VCs. They did say they wanted another round but they might be getting too big. Might have to wait for the IPO?

I wonder if the merger between seedrs and crowdcube can bring the seedrs secondary market benefits to crowdcube funded investments

I think a lot of people wait with interest on this not sure if there is anything on the seedrs investor forum

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I dont plan to sell FT shares anytime soon. Robinhood’s valuation now is ~$11billion and when they do their IPO, if a similar price exuberace like airbnb happens, they could be having post IPO valuations of $20-30billion. FT’s valuation in the last crowdcube raise was in the area of £147million, so we are talking about valuation increases in the range of 50-100x if FT becomes robinhood (that doesn’t include dilution but even with dilution the increase will still be monsterous). Keep it real FT!!!

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I hope we get a solid answer on this before the new tax year. I don’t want to fill my LISA and then find out the next week that I could have put that cash into shares of Freetrade instead. That would ache.

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There was supposedly a podcast where they said it wasn’t the way forward but I might be wrong. It’s on the forum somewhere.

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I’m pretty sure I watched it when it was released and I remember him suggesting there wouldn’t be any future crowdfunding but I’m going to live in hope/my own wonderland until there’s some explicit news!

They may have a pre emption round for existing investors though…


That would be nice. Presumably easier than remarketing to new investors… but not entirely sure.

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