Series B

Is there any news on this? Feels like the perfect time


Hopefully not too long before we get some good news. :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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I have a feeling this newsletter is going to be :fire:


Will we be able to sell shares in secondary from previous rounds ?

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This one’s not crowdfunding, it’s for VCs. They did say they wanted another round but they might be getting too big. Might have to wait for the IPO?

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I wonder if the merger between seedrs and crowdcube can bring the seedrs secondary market benefits to crowdcube funded investments

I think a lot of people wait with interest on this not sure if there is anything on the seedrs investor forum

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I dont plan to sell FT shares anytime soon. Robinhood’s valuation now is ~$11billion and when they do their IPO, if a similar price exuberace like airbnb happens, they could be having post IPO valuations of $20-30billion. FT’s valuation in the last crowdcube raise was in the area of £147million, so we are talking about valuation increases in the range of 50-100x if FT becomes robinhood (that doesn’t include dilution but even with dilution the increase will still be monsterous). Keep it real FT!!!

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I hope we get a solid answer on this before the new tax year. I don’t want to fill my LISA and then find out the next week that I could have put that cash into shares of Freetrade instead. That would ache.

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There was supposedly a podcast where they said it wasn’t the way forward but I might be wrong. It’s on the forum somewhere.

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I’m pretty sure I watched it when it was released and I remember him suggesting there wouldn’t be any future crowdfunding but I’m going to live in hope/my own wonderland until there’s some explicit news!

They may have a pre emption round for existing investors though…


That would be nice. Presumably easier than remarketing to new investors… but not entirely sure.

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Interactive Investor was most recently valued (in Feb 2020) at £675m. For context in FY Mar 20 it made £8.9m profit. At Y/E it had roughly £36bn AUA. It now has £40bn AUA and 400,000 customers.

Bearing in mind this valuation was made before the 2020 trading activity really got going, one would imagine profits have increased for ii and hence its valuation will have too.

Whilst ii clearly has much larger AUA and is profitable. Freetrade clearly has better product market fit and faster customer growth.

This is a promising indicator for Freetrade’s Series B valuation IMO. After reading this I would hope for a £500m pre-money valuation at least.



Series B can’t be far away. There was talk of it happening in December, and with the recent growth it must be needed.

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Is anyone interested in selling their Freetrade shares. I am looking to buy upto 5000 shares. Please let me know if you are selling

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Not on your nelly :wink:


Trying to get in to buy Freetrade shares, trying my luck I guess for a good deal :grinning:


I’d be exactly the same as you, and I’m sure there will be someone that’s happy to sell to you and still be very profitable for them. :wink:

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@Mahadev I’ve done J30 share transfers with 3 different people before Draper Espirit led the Series A. There’s a process where we have to loop in both Crowdcube and the FT leadership team. I could also ask them to vouch for me, it it comes to DD.

But if you’re still looking to purchase, I can fill 2,000 up to 5,000 shares, depending on the markup we could agree.

Please pop a message to I’d share my VC email, but I’d like to maintain privacy.